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Polyesters, Epoxies, Surface Treatments, and Abrasives for Stone

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Tenax Italy Website Check out the latest and new products from Tenax USA
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Lustro Italiano was designed for Showroom retail for the home owner.
Check out the retail site HERE for more information
Tenax shows Dozens of Videos for your reference and use
Glaxs 1 + 1 Cartridge Bi Component Water Clear Glue
Glaxs 1 + 1 Cartridge glue is a new generation bi-component resin with zero yellowing to the sun and UV rays. Glaxs Cartridge uses the basic standard caulk gun. No special gun required. Glaxs is a transparent resin, solvent free, low viscosity and medi

Tenax USA

Tenax diamond brushes can be used on existing tools that are used everyday in fabrications shops. Airflex brushes remove the “softer” material in the stone to create a beautiful texture while enhancing the natural color in the stone
Set of 10 Universal Color Kit 2.5 oz

Tenax Universal Colors were made to offer 1 solution for all your adhesive needs.

Frozebond Extra Strong Epoxy Glue

Frozebond is a Bi-component epoxy glue that is extra strong, and comes in a thixotropic-smooth paste

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