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6" Snail Lock Bullnose Polish Wheels

These 6" Snail Lock Full Bullnose polishing wheels have been developed as a new and improved quartz automatic edge wheel line to solve some of the common issues fabricators face when polishing light color materials.

Compatible Materials
Quartz Granite Light Quartzite
These 6" bullnose wheels are diamond impregnated resin wheels that won't leave color residue.

Machine Compatibility
Marmo Meccanica™ Park Industries™ Sasso™ Omega™
Montresor™ USG Machines™ Commandulli™ CMPI™
These 6" full bullnose wheels offer a polish without bleeding.

6" Full Bullnose Available in These Grits
60 W 80 W 120 W 220 W
400 W 600 W 800 W 1000 W
1200 W 1500 W 2000 W 3000 W

Solving Bleeding Issues Common to Fabricators

These 6" Full Bullnose polishing wheels have been designed to tackle bleeding issues and color residue that hae proven to be an issue for fabricators and professionals using similar products.