Polished Effect in 5 Min
Polished Effect in 5 Min


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Sometimes polishing is just not an option...time, cost, location, etc. In these cases maybe TELUX could be the solution.

Telux is a topical self autopolish. Some have called it a “varnish” for stone.

Telux is applied to the surface of the stone (for best applications this would be applied before the stone is installed so that the Telux can sit on the stone while drying). Telux will create a coat on top of the stone. It will enhance the color of the stone, fill in the rough texture of the surface, and create a polished look.

This could be a fantastic solution for the underside of overhangs such as a bar top or stairs. Especially if it is visible from another location in the house.

A great advantage for the underside of overhangs is that it coats the stone. This will smooth the stone and eliminate snags on clothing.

Telux is also excellent for chiseled edges as well.

For stone that has already been installed, Tenax makes Jet Spray, an aerosol self polish that can work instead of the liquid Telux.

Drys in about 5 minutes!

TeLux Demonstration Video

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