Tepox V Color Match System
Tepox V Color Match System




Color Matching Edges of Dyed Stone

Tenax has developed the absolute best system for color matching the edges of dyed stone.

The BIG question is, what is the best way to apply the Tenax system to achieve the best and longest lasting results.

Tenax has produced a video showing the process.

In this video the steps were:

  1. Bring the stone to a 400 grit polish
  2. Dry the stone. The stone should be as dry as possible to allow as much penetration of the Tenax products as possible.
  3. Apply Tepox V directly to the stone. Do not dilute. Apply full strength.
  4. Allow the Tepox V to completely dry. This can be force dried, as a heat gun, or it can be allowed to dry naturally.
  5. After the stone is dried, apply Tenax Ager over top of the Tepox V
  6. Allow the Ager to completely dry. Again, this can be by force or room temperature.
  7. Finish polishing the stone. In our video, we used the Weha 3 step polishing pads.
  8. Force dry or allow the stone to completely dry
  9. Apply Tepox V to the stone to fill in the newly exposed pores from the polishing process. Work with the Tepox V until the color is matched to desired look.
  10. Force Dry or allow the Tepox V to completely dry
  11. Apply Ager as directed over the Tepox V and completely dry
  12. Finish with Tenax Proseal-Ultra premium sealer to fully lock in the Tepox V.

For stones that are lightly dyed, it may be possible to achieve the results after the polishing process. But it is very important to follow the Tepox V application with Tenax Ager and Tenax Proseal to achieve a long lasting result.

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