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Black Cambrian Granite Image provided by James St. John under the Creative Commons 2.0 License

Black Cambrian Granite

Black Cambrian Granite Overview

When deciding on a granite slab for your design project you will find a number of options. Black Cambrian Granite is one of the options you will no doubt come across during your search. In this page we will consider some brief information about how granite slab names are formed. Additionally, we will look at why Black Cambrian Granite is appealing. Finally, we will mention some points about installing and maintaining Black Cambrian Granite

A Look at Black Cambrian Granite

Granite slabs originate from all over the world. Various kinds and colors of granite exist. Some of these have become popular enough that they have a name by which they are recognized. Black Cambrian Granite is one such color of granite. It is an appealing material that is recognizable by many. Available through Polycor

The Appeal of Black Cambrian Granite

A brief consideration of Black Cambrian Granite proves it to be a distinctive looking granite that is distinguished among its peers. Why is that the case? This is a timeless granite that has an appearance requiring no resin or dye. Because of this, it can be used for a number of applications. These are among the reasons Black Cambrian Granite is distinguishable from other materials. It is also use in a variety of applications.

Surfaces of Black Cambrian Granite

When it comes to interior design and surfaces, granite is among the popular choices. Black Cambrian Granite can be used for various hard surfaces in a variety of design styles. Below is a list of popular design styles used for residential decor. We have highlighted some of the styles with which Black Cambrian Granite is compatible.

  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Minimalist
  • Industrial
  • Eclectic
  • Mid-century Modern
  • Scandinavian
  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • French Country
  • Bohemian
  • Rustic
  • Shabby Chic
  • Hollywood Glam
  • Coastal Hamptons

As you can see, the range of style in which Black Cambrian Granite can be used is broad. various elements and colors can be incorporated into a design to accentuate or offset the feel of this unique stone. One way that Black Cambrian Granite fits into a design is by using it for hard surfaces.

Black Cambrian Granite Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen countertop is one of the central pieces in a home design. The kitchen is often the lost used location in the home. So having a functional and appealing material for the surface of the countertop in the kitchen is desirable. Above, we made the following statement:

This is a timeless granite that has an appearance requiring no resin or dye. Because of this, it can be used for a number of applications.

Even though that is the case with Black Cambrian Granite, it does not mean that it cannot be functional too. Kitchen countertops must be functional for the reasons previously mentioned; and Black Cambrian Granite is such a material. What about the installation though? What is need for installing Black Cambrian Granite? Let's briefly consider that.

Installing Black Cambrian Granite

The installation of granite is a task that can be done by individuals of various skill levels. Like anything else though, having the skills and the tools makes the project come out the best. Installing Black Cambrian Granite will require your standard diamond bridge saw blades and granite adhesives for installing granite materials. For strengthening the stone, use the proper techniques recommended by the Marble Institute of America such as rodding the surface. You can check out more information on our site about rodding countertops.

After the install, it is generally necessary to make sure the surface has been sealed (see how to seal granite) with an impregnating granite sealer. Black Cambrian Granite is such a distinctive stone surface that keeping it protected by maintaining the seal on the stone is a key to long life. Even after the stone is installed though, the maintenance is ongoing.

Maintaining Black Cambrian Granite

Maintaining and caring for Black Cambrian Granite is a matter of choosing some basic products and then using them in tandem to care for the surface of the granite. The products that owners can use are:

And if you are a distributor, you can learn more about providing care and maintenance products for Black Cambrian Granite and other granite, contact us about selling it in your showroom.

As we have discussed, there are some key factors that make Black Cambrian Granite a distinguishable material in the world of granite. It also fits nicely into various design styles and is durable enough for use as a kitchen countertop. And installing Black Cambrian Granite and caring for it requires some forethought and specific actions.

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