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One of the innovative companies engineering quartz surfaces for high-quality applications is COLORQUARTZ. As an enthusiastic company providing diverse ingenuity, COLORQUARTZ offers quartz surfaces that provide many features that are sought after by industry professionals and designers as well as architects. The company has been designing quartz surfaces in California since 2008, yet the brand is known around the world. Regarding the surfaces engineered by this company, notice what the the company's website has to say:

Stain, heat and scratch resistant, Colorquartz surfaces offer the ultimate versatility, easy fabrication and installation for a wide range of applications, allowing you to design the perfect interior environment.

The research and development process is an important part of developing hard surfaces and tooling in the stone industry. COLORQUARTZ utilizes more than 20 staff members (including engineers) to work at improving its product line. This innovative approach to producing quartz surfaces is one of the methods that COLORQUARTZ uses to continue moving forward with technology. As a result, COLORQUARTZ has developed nearly 60 colors of quartz surfaces designed with durability and versatility in mind. The colors available at the time of this writing include:

  • CQ867 Grigio Tempio
  • CQ953 Meteora Grey
  • CQ951 Mirage
  • CQ929 Sky Sanctuary
  • CQ931 New Contempo
  • CQ990 Statuario Leonardo
  • CQ981 Calacatta Novus
  • CQ983 Statuario Venato
  • CQ901 Frost White
  • CQ741 Glacier
  • CQ701 Pearl
  • CQ690 Arctic Shimmer
  • CQ712 Cotton White
  • CQ707 Paloma White
  • CQ660 Mammoth
  • CQ813 Iceland
  • CQ866 Bianco Gioia
  • CQ818 Fiji White
  • CQ858 Venatino
  • CQ849 Blanc De Blancs
  • CQ886 Carrara Xtra
  • CQ853 Bianco Cristal
  • CQ856 Spyder
  • CQ896 Arabascato
  • CQ993 Bianco Luna
  • CQ930 Breccia Bianco
  • CQ915 Siberian White
  • CQ897 Akoya Pearl
  • CQ808 Oyster Shell
  • CQ923 Tal Mahal
  • CQ871 Myst
  • CQ839 Cafe Au Lait
  • CQ819 Bel Air Beige
  • CQ731 Softer Beige
  • CQ875 Classico Marfil
  • CQ811 Tuscany Cream
  • CQ710 Vanilla Cream
  • CQ828 Desert Sand
  • CQ868 Paradise Cove
  • CQ804 Calypso Brown
  • CQ703 Capri
  • CQ817 Milan Grey
  • CQ802 Bronze
  • CQ766 Sake
  • CQ857 Emperor
  • CQ815 Storm
  • CQ852 Cool Concrete
  • CQ700 Concrete Grey
  • CQ825 Spectre Grey
  • CQ787 Graphite
  • CQ806 Pewter
  • CQ928 Moon Rock
  • CQ922 Gold Rush
  • CQ859 Diablo
  • CQ702 Star Wars
  • CQ900 Zen Black

So whether you are looking to design a scandinavian style room or a rustic interior design, you will find a color that is developed with your look and feel in mind.

How to Cut COLORQUARTZ Quartz

Cutting COLORQUARTZ is a fabrication task that can be easy if you have the proper machines and use the correct tooling to make your cuts. With plenty of blades on the market for use on various kinds of equipment, it can be difficult to determine which blade you need. However, it is wise to research the various blades before you simply reach for the blade closest to you or just cut COLORQUARTZ surfaces using the blade that happens to be on the bridge saw at the time. The best first step to cutting COLORQUARTZ is to grab the proper blade after learning about what type of blade you will need for cutting quartz material.

You might be asking yourself, "What is the proper blade?" That is a great question. And to answer it, we need to get an idea of what quartz surfaces need in the way of proper blades and other tools.

Bridge Saw Blades

If you are going to be cutting COLORQUARTZ, you need to have a machine and a blade that will do the trick. There are a number of machines that are made for cutting all types of stone materials; including quartz. The kind of saw you use to cut COLORQUARTZ will most likely be a matter of personal preference. However, the blade needs to be designed in such a way that it can perform well on quartz surfaces. Why is that?

It helps to know a little bit about quartz materials to help you select a blade that performs well. Quartz is a very hard material. It is engineered from minerals that are harder than some granite. This means that the bridge saw blade you select will need to be able to cut hard stone. Additionally, since quartz (including COLORQUARTZ) is so hard, the blade needs to be able to cut it cleanly too. We have designed a quartz blade that is engineered to perform this task very well.

The Tenax Quartz Bridge saw blade is designed for cutting materials in the same class as COLORQUARTZ. These blades for quartz cut cleanly and quickly. Using them as described on the product page will ensure that your cuts and projects turn out the best they can be.