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3 to 1 Epoxart Kit
3 to 1 Epoxart Kit


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Product Code: EPOXARTKIT3TO1

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Epoxart Kit 3 to 1

Epoxy system to resin, and reinforce with fiberglass stone materials. The use of this epoxy system is particularly suitable where high transparency in the cracks of the material, high penetration, and slow hardening time are required or for the creation of small masses of resin.

  • Low Viscosity
  • Medium Hardness
  • Good Reactivity to cold
  • Excellent stability to sunlight

Kit Includes

  • Epoxart A-5004 Kg 1
  • Epoxart B-BM30 Kg 0.3

Instructions for Epoxart 3 to 1 Use

The products must be kept on the original cans. Avoid the contact with metals made of copper, brass or similar metals which may rust. Avoid the use of plastic made of PVC, do use only plastic liquid corrosive resistance. Follow these steps for use:

  1. Clean and dry the material to which the Epoxart 3 to 1 will be applied.
  2. Take out from the two containers the required amounts in weight of the two components. (The correct ratio is 4 parts of resin plus 1 part of hardener.) In case of automatic dosing pumps, we suggest to verify the ratio every day to ensure accuracy.
  3. Mix very well for a few minutes using only clean tools. (To clean the tools, we suggest using aromatic and light solvent, like acetone and butyl acetate.)
  4. Apply the product to the clean dry material using safety gloves and safety glasses during the work (see the safety data sheet). (To avoid the proliferation of mold and microorganisms in the wet processing phase, which may cause color changes, it is necessary to check the bacterial count of the materials to be treated (marble and granite). It is necessary to check and reduce the bacterial count of the same processing water.)
  5. Close the cans after the usage, avoid the long exposure on the air. Avoid freezing condition.

Epoxart 3 to 1 Storage

Both parts of Epoxart 3 to 1 must be stored in original, tightly closed containers. Store this product at a temperature less than 35°C and keep this product away from sources of heat and moisture including:

  • Heat Sources
  • Sun Rays
  • Humidity
  • Rain

Shelf Life

Epoxart 3 to 1 has the following shelf life:

  • Shelf life of the resin is 24 months when stored at 20-25°C
  • The stability of the color hardener is guaranteed 12 months in the original, sealed, full containers that have been stored according to the storage guidelines above. Avoid freezing conditions for the resin.

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