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Equs Quartz Surfaces

Equs is an engineered quartz material designed for use in kitchens and bathrooms by designers, decorators, and homeowners as well as fabricators and other professionals. The EQUS website is the place for obtaining more information about this brand of quartz material. In this article we are going to briefly consider some basic points about quartz by looking at Equs and considering some color options. Additionally, we will mention some fabrication equipment and supplies that professionals use for cutting and gluing Equs surfaces as well as other quartz materials.

Quartz engineered surfaces are touted as a material that offers a number of features that many find very appealing. In fact, no matter what brand of quartz you read up on you will find comments about the innovation of the company, the durability of the quartz material, and the scratch resistance that quartz offers. You might even find that some quartz manufactures market it as being superior to natural stone. Nearly every quartz brand will make at least one statement that either alludes to or directly says something related to one of those features. Notice what Equs says in its material.

EQUS is a compact quartz of unique beauty, durability and extreme hardness. With an extensive and fun range of colors that makes it ideal for installations such as kitchen countertops, bathroom and other diverse applications.

That's right, Equs is confident in the quality of its material. Why wouldn't they be? After all, quartz surfaces are chosen be many professionals for a variety of reasons.

Just because Equs surfaces are manufactured it does not mean that the color selection is minimal. No, Equs produces a number of colors designed to match various design styles that are popular for interior designers and decorators. What colors are available from Equs?

Colors from Equs

Quartz surfaces can be made in a variety of hues and shades. Patterns and textures are available as wwell. The following list enumerates the color selection available from Equs at the time of this writing.

  • Equs Markina
  • Equs Statuario
  • Equs Venatino
  • Equs Beige Carrara
  • Equs Bianco Athenas
  • Equs Bianco Carrara
  • Equs Bitter Red
  • Equs Brown Cream
  • Equs Caribbean
  • Equs Ceylan
  • Equs Chocolate
  • Equs Coffe Brown
  • Equs Crystal White
  • Equs Eclipse
  • Equs Marengo
  • Equs Metal Gray
  • Equs Milano
  • Equs Ocean Blue
  • Equs Rose Bubble
  • Equs Sand Cream
  • Equs Special White
  • Equs Tutti Fruit
  • Equs Vanilla
  • Equs White Moon

Each of the above colors and/or patterns above are designed to coordinate with one or more design styles that are popular. So if you are looking for quartz countertops that are an ideal fit for your interior design style, you might want to look into Equs options. It is an elegant surface and delivers strength and durability because it is engineered quartz. In fact, the strength of Equs leads us to the next natural question, "How do I cut Equs quartz?"

How to Cut Equs Quartz

Cutting Equs is a fabrication task that can be easy if you have the proper machines and use the correct tooling for cutting quartz. There are plenty of blades on the market for use on various kinds of equipment. However, it is not wise to simply reach for the blade closest to you or just cut your Equs surface using the blade that happens to be on the bridge saw at the time. The best first step to cutting Equs is to grab the proper quartz blade.

You might be asking yourself, "What is the proper blade?" That is a great question. And to answer it, we need to get an idea of what quartz surfaces need in the way of blades and other tools for cutting quartz.

Bridge Saw Blades

If you are going to be cutting Equs, you need to have a machine and a blade that will do the trick. There are a number of machines that are made for cutting all types of stone materials; including quartz. The kind of saw you use to cut Equs Quartz will most likely be a matter of personal preference. However, the blade needs to be designed in such a way that it can perform well on quartz surfaces. Why is that?

It helps to know a little bit about quartz materials to help you select a blade that performs well. Quartz is a very hard material. It is engineered from minerals that are harder than some granite. This means that the bridge saw blade you select will need to be able to cut hard stone. Additionally, since quartz (including Equs) is so hard, the blade needs to be able to cut it cleanly too. We have designed a quartz blade that is engineered to perform this task very well.

Cartridge Adhesives for Equs Quartz

Cutting Equs is not the only thing that fabricators are interested in knowing. Which glue to use for quartz fabrication when I am workign with Equs is another main thing that professional fabricators and installers inquire about. Tenax offers color matched cartridge glue for bonding quartz materials including Equs. In fact, here is a sample of a few colors from Equs matched up with the color of Multibond that is used for gluing it:

Quartz ColorsGlue Colors
Equs ChocolateMolasses
Equs Coffe BrownCafé Au Lait
Equs MarengoHeather Grey
Equs Sand CreamLemon Chiffon
Equs VanillaCustard

The Tenax Quartz Bridge saw blade is designed for cutting materials in the same class as Equs. These blades for quartz cut cleanly and quickly. Using them as described on the product page will ensure that your cuts and projects trun out the best they can be.

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