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KSTONE Quartz Surfaces

Among the choices for quartz surfaces you will find many companies that offer quartz surfaces in a range of qualities and price levels. Among your options you will find one company that offers both high quality and affordability. That company is KSTONE.

KSTONE surfaces are made up of material consisting of 93% quartz. This composition is what makes the material scratch and stain resistant. However, the durability is not the only appealing benefit. The KSTONE website makes the following statement regarding its selection:

We offer and deliver a variety of quartz-based materials, so you can pick the piece with the perfect colour and size for your dream project

So even though the quartz surfaces provided by this company are durable and affordable, they also offer a wide selection of colors from which you can select the perfect surface for your project.

KSTONE Color Selection

Just how extensive is the color selection? The following is a list of colors available as published on the companies website at the time of this writing:

  • V8001 Calacatta Vintage
  • V8002 Statuario Caldia
  • V8004 Bianco Nuvo
  • V8005 Calacatta Snow
  • V8006 Dove White
  • V8007 Calacatta Fusion
  • V8008 Calacatta Extra
  • V8009 Nero Maquina
  • V8011 White Dream
  • V8012 Maquina Night
  • V8017 Marmi Maximum
  • Y9006 Forest River
  • Y9008 Oceano
  • Y9014 Colonial Cream
  • Y9015 Imperial Grey
  • Y9016 Imperial Titanium
  • Y9017 Crystal Lake
  • Y9018 Safari
  • Y9020 White Fantasy
  • Y9022 Crystallo Fog
  • Y9023 Callacatta Nature
  • Y9028 Cotton Cloud
  • Y9029 Rough Concrete
  • Y9032 Ultra Grey
  • Y9033 Urban Dusk
  • Y9034
  • C5126 Venato Carrara
  • C5125 River White
  • C5117
  • C5114
  • C5110 Grigio Imperiale
  • C5109 Carrara White
  • C5104 Shiitake Quartz
  • C5101
  • C5079 Cotton Grey
  • C5074 Cioccolato
  • C5027 White Pearl
  • C5026 Desert Rock
  • C5025
  • C5021 Gypsum Rock
  • C5017 Beige Glitter
  • C5016 Caramel Rock
  • C5013 Chestnut
  • C5012 Grigio Sardo
  • C5010 Smoky White
  • C5009 Cristallo Bianco
  • C5003 Charcoal
  • C5000 Buttery Cream
  • B4001 Crystal Dust
  • B4002 White Sea Salt
  • B4003 Diamond White
  • B4005 Sparkle Cream
  • B4007 Sparkle Grey
  • B4008 Star Dust
  • B4011 Black Galaxy
  • A3000 Cemento
  • A3011 Sprinkle Salt
  • A3022 Smoky Grey
  • A3093 Glossy White
  • A3106 White Pebble
  • F7004 Elbony Grey
  • K1002 Hybrid Caramel

You can see there is a great deal of color options and style diversity when you decide on a color from this quartz line. KSTONE has colors and textures that allow you to go with any design style that you would like. Whether you are looking to furnish a room using a minimalist design or if you want to go with an eclectic style design, you will surely find a quartz surface that compliments your design style.

Your selection of the proper material is only one facet of the the project. You also need to select a fabrication professional to perform the work. You will want to choose a fabricator that has experience working with quartz surfaces. Whether the material is KSTONE Quartz or another brand, quartz material has some specific characteristics that need to be considered before fabrication begins. Among the list of considerations are how to cut the material and what kind of blades to use. Let's look at each of those points now.

How to Cut KSTONE Quartz

Cutting KSTONE Quartz is a fabrication task that can be easy if you have the proper machine, know how and use the correct tools to make the cuts. Even though you have a plethora of diamond blades from which to choose, it does not have to be a difficult task. Rather than using the blade that you use for other materials, you will get better results from a diamond blade designed to cut quartz. The best first step to cutting KSTONE Quartz is to grab the proper blade after learning about what type of blade you will need for cutting quartz material.

You might be asking yourself, "What is the proper blade?" That is a great question. And to answer it, we need to get an idea of what quartz surfaces need in the way of proper blades and other tools.

Blades for Bridge Saws

If you are going to be cutting KSTONE Quartz, you need to have a machine and a blade that will do the trick. There are a number of machines that are made for cutting all types of stone materials; including quartz. The kind of saw you use to cut KSTONE Quartz will most likely be a matter of personal preference. However, the blade needs to be designed in such a way that it can perform well on quartz surfaces. Why is that?

It helps to know a little bit about quartz materials to help you select a blade that performs well. Quartz is a very hard material. It is engineered from minerals that are harder than some granite. This means that the bridge saw blade you select will need to be able to cut hard stone. Additionally, since quartz (including KSTONE Quartz) is so hard, the blade needs to be able to cut it cleanly too. We have designed a quartz blade that is engineered to perform this task very well.

The Tenax Quartz Bridge saw blade is designed for cutting materials in the same class as KSTONE Quartz. These blades for quartz cut cleanly and quickly. Using them as described on the product page will ensure that your cuts and projects turn out the best they can be.

In the end, no matter which brand of quartz surface you choose for your material, be sure that the fabricator is experienced and if you are doing it yourself, make sure you get a Tenax Quartz blade so that your results will be up to your standards.