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Luna Pearl Granite

Luna Pearl Granite Information

Luna Pearl Granite is one of many options considered when selecting a granite slab. Even though there are many unique options when it comes to granite. Luna Pearl Granite brings some specific appeal to the table. In this information, we will look at some key points regarding Luna Pearl Granite. We will also consider what goes into installing Luna Pearl Granite. Furthermore, we'll look at some tips for maintaining and caring for Luna Pearl Granite.

Luna Pearl Granite Background

As mentioned above, granite is available in many colors and styles. Luna Pearl Granite is one of many specific granite "flavors". Each kind of granite brings various characteristics to the table. The background of a specific granite color sometimes contributes to its popularity.

Luna Pearl Granite is a distinctive material with a "personality" all its own. What makes Luna Pearl Granite a popular and well known granite? An extremely popular granite, this color of stone offers fairly uniform veining. The light gray color of the appearance comes from the mixture of white, gray and black colors evenly dispersed throughout the stone. These and other specifics distinguish Luna Pearl Granite from other granite slabs. One avenue through which Luna Pearl Granite can be obtained is Flemington Granite.

Designing With Luna Pearl Granite

There are a number of ways that this light colored granite is used in decorating and designing. Many color combinations and various textures can be used in conjunction with Luna Pearl. Let's consider a coupleo f examples.

Luna Pearl Granite With Espresso Cabinets

One combination that some readers might find to be appealing is complimenting espresso colored kitchen or bathroom cabinets with Luna Pearl countertops. The contrast between these two popular colors really has the potential to give a design space a unique look with a mark of personality. The kitchen in the photos below demonstrate the beauty that it possible when combining these colors in an interior design project.

It is noteworthy that the cabinets above are technically called "Briarwood Maple", yet they are a dark brown color and they are indicative of what Luna Pearl Granite would look like when paired with espresso kitchen cabinets.

Luna Pearl Granite Bathroom

Another area that is often designed using Luna Pearl Granite is the interior design of bathrooms. Vanities are excellent candidates for Luna. Whether the design calls for light colored cabinets or dark, Luna Pearl can be usded to enhance the design. Below, we have included a couple of images highlighting the look of this specific choice in the group of popular granites. Each of the bathrooms below incorporates Luna Pearl into the design and they look great.

There are even other design types that can make use of the Luna Pearl Granite. and that fact is a simple representation of the flexibility that this particular granite offers. Granite has a history of making its way into diverse types of design styles. A number of design styles are compatible with Luna Pearl Granite surfaces. Some of them include:

  • Modern
  • Contemporary
    The elusive contemporary design style borrows elements from other popular styles. The colors, the furnishings, and fabric work together to create a unique design that is popular and distinct.
  • Minimalist
    This basic design is a champion of accomplishing much with very little. It is simple, and uses asic colors and not too many of them.
  • Industrial
  • Eclectic
    This freeing, unique design style is one with a flavor of its own and a knack for standing out. It blends multiple designs together and reflects design "courage".
  • Mid-century Modern
    A simple, functional, and visually interesting design through which a blend of traditional and non-traditional design is achieved.
  • Scandinavian
    This light and bright design style makes for a popular choice and takes advantage of natural light and materials like wood with softer textures.
  • Traditional
    The smooth lines of this popular design style are one of its assets. Its furnishings follow tradition and granite is one of the materials that is used for designing with it.
  • Transitional
  • French Country
  • Bohemian
  • Rustic
  • Shabby Chic
  • Hollywood Glam
  • Coastal Hamptons

Kitchen Countertops of Luna Pearl Granite

One area of the home in which granite is often found is the kitchen. Luna Pearl Granite is an excellent choice for a unique kitchen countertop surface. This is because of the notoriety that this distinctive stone provides. Granite is a wonderful choice for a countertop material because of its durability.

In the case of Luna Pearl Granite, the design appeal is not lost on quality and durability. No, this material offers both appeal and durability. These are both qualities that are sought after in unique, upscale kitchens. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, or a fabricator, you will no doubt find the next topic of interest; installation.

Luna Pearl Granite Installation

For the most part, installing Luna Pearl Granite countertops is like many other stone materials. Just as it is good to use ceramic blades and porcelain glue when you work with porcelain and ceramics, the proper equipment is important for working with Luna Pearl Granite. For strengthening the stone, use the proper techniques recommended by the Marble Institute of America such as rodding the surface. You can check out more information on our site about rodding countertops.

After installing Luna Pearl Granite countertops, they may need to be initially sealed so they will be resistant to staining. Granite slabs are each porous to a specific degree and keeping them protected with one of the best granite sealers is a key to getting off to a good start with Luna Pearl Granite countertops. However, maintaining them is important too.

Caring for Luna Pearl Granite

If you have been talking with various people about owning Luna Pearl Granite, you may be asking, "Do granite countertops need to be sealed"? The technical answer is, "it depends". On what? It depends on various factors, some of which include:

  • Whether it has had an initial sealing
  • What the porosity of the granite is
  • Which type of finish the stone has
  • How long since the last sealer treatment
  • What cleaners have been used on the surface

Maintaining Luna Pearl Granite countertops does not have to be complicated. It can be as simple as putting a routine in place to gradually add a protective barrier to the stone's surface.

As we have seen Luna Pearl Granite is a unique granite that is popular. It is a nice option for use as a kitchen countertop in various design styles. And installing and caring for Luna Pearl Granite requires some specifics, but simplicity can be used to maintain it.

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