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Sequel Quartz

Sequel Quartz Surfaces

One of many quartz brands that are offered to customers seeking just the right surfaces for the home or business. Sequel Quartz offers a variety of colors in multiple collections of quartz surfaces.

Sequel Quartz is made up of ground stone and polymers to form a material that is stain resistant, scratch resistant, and durable. In addition to being durable, Sequel Quartz is visually appealing and can look much like natural stone surfaces. Note the following statement that can be found on Bedrosians website:

It is a durable, non-porous, stain and scratch resistant material perfect for countertops. It is available is a wide variety of colors, patterns and finishes and is often produced to mimic the look of natural stones, like marble and limestone.

Even though Sequel Quartz and other quartz brands are durable, they may require the application of protective sealers under certain circumstances.

Sequel Quartz Collections

Sequel Quartz offers a selection of quartz surfaces in a variety of colors. The following are the collections offered by Sequel Quartz at the time of this writing.

Sequel Quartz Colors

  • Brilliant White (2cm)
  • Delicatto Carrara (2cm)
  • Paradise White (2cm)
  • Bianco Bellaria (2cm)
  • Paradise White (3cm)
  • Brilliant White (3cm)
  • Classic White (2cm)
  • Bianco Venatino (2cm)
  • Manitoba White (2cm)
  • Cameo White (2cm)
  • Charcoal (2cm)
  • Boston Shores (2cm)
  • Bianco Bellaria (3cm)
  • Statuario Quartz (2cm)
  • Carrara White (3cm)
  • Alinda (2cm)
  • Charcoal (3cm)
  • Delicatto Carrara (3cm)
  • Cape Cod Grey (2cm)
  • Cameo White (3cm)
  • Horizon (2cm)
  • Night Shadow (2cm)
  • Sparkle White (3cm)
  • Tallavida (3cm)
  • Monterey Grey (2cm)
  • Horizon (3cm)
  • Silver Star Black (2cm)
  • Classic White (3cm)
  • Damaskas Grey (2cm)
  • Organic White (2cm)
  • Berkshire Taupe Natural (2cm)
  • Rochester Grey (2cm)
  • Boston Shores (3cm)
  • Monterey Grey Natural (2cm)
  • Majestic White (2cm)
  • Carrara White (2cm)
  • Organic White (3cm)
  • Alinda (3cm)
  • Olympus White (2cm)
  • Antique Beige (3cm)
  • Bianco Venatino (3cm)
  • White Elegance (2cm)
  • Pure Black (3cm)
  • Berkshire Taupe (3cm)
  • Galliana (2cm)
  • Night Shadow (3cm)
  • Majestic White (3cm)
  • Pure Black (2cm)
  • Antique Beige (2cm)
  • Damaskas Grey (3cm)
  • Sparkle White (2cm)
  • Grigio Imperiale (2cm)
  • Alloy Grey (2cm)
  • Brown Lefan (2cm)
  • Silver Star Black (3cm)
  • White Elegance (3cm)
  • Monterey Grey (3cm)
  • Cape Cod Grey (3cm)
  • Avallon (2cm)
  • Rochester Grey (3cm)
  • Old Town Grey (3cm)
  • Lagos Azul (3cm)
  • Statuario Quartz (3cm)
  • Brown Lefan (3cm)
  • Calacatta Gioia (3cm)
  • Pasha Beige (2cm)
  • Berkshire Taupe Natural (3cm)
  • Lagos Azul (2cm)
  • Statuario Quartz (3cm)
  • Monterey Grey Natural (3cm)
  • Belgium Blue (3cm)
  • Old Town Grey (2cm)
  • Majestic White (3cm)
  • Pasha Beige (3cm)
  • Berkshire Taupe (2cm)
  • Avallon (3cm)
  • Tallavida (2cm)
  • Waterford Cream (2cm)
  • Belgium Blue (2cm)
  • Thunder Grey (3cm)
  • Konya Pewter (2cm)
  • Olympus White (3cm)
  • Galliana (3cm)
  • Calacatta Gioia (2cm)
  • Limano (2cm)
  • Manitoba White (3cm)
  • Grigio Imperiale (3cm)
  • Konya Pewter (3cm)
  • Calacatta Venice (2cm)
  • Majestic White (2cm)
  • Calacatta Belo (2cm)
  • Calacatta Belo (3cm)
  • Limano (3cm)
  • Waterford Cream (3cm)
  • Statuario Quartz (2cm)
  • Calacatta Venice (3cm)
  • Calacatta Venice (3cm)
  • Calacatta Venice (2cm)

As you can see, there are a number of options when it comes to selecting a Sequel Quartz color for your project. Additiionally, in the above list you can see both 2cm and 3cm thick slabs. What about the fabrication requirements for Sequel Quartz?

Fabricating Sequel Quartz

If you are a fabrication professional looking to fabricate and install Sequel Quartz surfaces, you are probably wondering what kinds of diamond blades and adhesives will work the best. If so, we will take a moment to let you know what products we offer for installing Sequel Quartz surfaces.

Bridge Saw Blades to Cut Sequel Quartz

We offer a variety of diamond blades and we also offer bridge saw blades for cutting quartz. Our blades are engineered using a process of research and development that is tried and true. How does this process work?

We test our products in iterations and adjust the specifications until we find just the right scheme for a new product. We use this method of developing products because it continues to prove effective in zeroing in on necessary changes.

Bonding Sequel Quartz Slabs

Which cartridge glue to use for installing and working with Sequel Quartz is another question that a fabrication professional may ask when looking to take on a Sequel Quartz kitchen install. Tenax has a cartridge glue for bonding quartz and other materials. Multibond is designed to color match various brands of quartz; including Sequel Quartz. Using the color matcher and selecting the Sequel Quartz brand allows you to determine which color of quartz glue your project needs.

Sequel Quartz Sealers & Enhancers

Sometimes customers call fabrication pros to get advice on how to correct a sub-par appearance that their quartz countertop has. This could be due to age, or some external factor that has caused the surface color to diminish. In these cases and in others, a type of quartz sealer designed to enhance the stone can rejuvenate the countertop or other surface to make the colors of Sequel Quartz more vivid and robust.

Care & Maintenance for Sequel Quartz

Even if you enhance and seal a quartz surface, there may still need to be some care taken to use the proper quartz cleaners and polishing products so that the surfaces or finish of the surface is not marred. Quartz material is sensitive to certain chemicals so be sure that Sequel Quartz is cleaned with the proper cleaner and cared for using quartz specific products.

Sequel Quartz is a brand of engineered surfaces that offers a range of styles and colors. It is durable and scratch resistant as well as visually appealing, and no matter what kind of design you are fabricating for, you can find the proper blade and cartidge glue at a Tenax distributor.

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