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About Techlam

Techlam is a large format porcelain tile by Levantina. As a porcelain tile, it falls into our sintered materials group of surface types. If you would like to see what sintering is, there is some technical info here about the process. Techlam offers a number of colors and there are some features of the material that attract various professionals. Let's take a look at some of the specifics and consider some of the points to keep in mind if you are looking to fabricate, install, or own Techlam.

Techlam Porcelain Tile

Color and texture are key elements of Techlam. Although it is an engineered material, Techlam is produced in a variety of looks and colors to fit your motif. But don't let the design aspect of the material throw you off. The technology behind this material is one that affords a resilience and durability that also draws attention.

This porcelain tile from Levantina is designed to transform areas into elegant and beautiful atmospheres in which homeowners, business owners, and anyone else can enjoy. Notice what the website says about this materials on its Techlam page.

A porcelain product that fascinates with its sophisticated nuances that reach their fullest meaning through their unique qualities, exclusive to thin, large-format ceramic.

Besides the design elements that make Techlam a growing choice for designers, it also brings with it the characteristics that enable this materials to meet the architectural needs as well as the design needs desired by many. The Techlam product offers a wide range of colors in seven different lines designed for coordinating with various styling. The colors by collection are as follows:

Industrial Collection

Designed for use in the areas needing industrial looks and formatting. The Industrial collection is one of seven targeted groups.

  • Steel Chrome
  • Nomad Dark
  • Nomad White
  • Urban
  • Blaze Grey
  • Blaze Snow
  • Blaze Dark
  • Steel White
  • Steel Dark
  • Steel Corten
  • Steel Brass

Stone Collection

The stone collection is engineered to mimic natural stone materials like travertine and marble variants.

  • Kalos Bianco
  • Strattos
  • Agatha Bianco
  • Milos Bianco
  • Quartzite Stone
  • Basalto Oscuro
  • Basalto Beige
  • Marvel Gold
  • Slate Ebony
  • Opium Black

Wood Collection

This group of Techlam sintered material is developed to blend very well design elements that benefit from a wood grain texture.

  • Wood Aspen
  • Wood Oak
  • Natura White
  • Natura Grey
  • Wood Ash
  • Natura Brown

Deco Collection

This collection is engineered to project sophistication and offers trendy looks.

  • Zahir Perle
  • Terrazzo
  • Silk
  • Colonial

Vulcano Collection

This collection is engineered to project look and feel elements associated with smoky, misty colors.

  • Vulcano Concrete
  • Vulcano Ceniza
  • Vulcano Roca

Hydra Collection

This collection is perfect for use with minimalist design styles.

  • Hydra Beige
  • Hydra Argen
  • Hydra Plomo

Basic Collection

If you are looking to produce a contemporary design style, this is the place to begin looking if you are selecting Techlam for your surface.

  • Basic Ice
  • Basic Neu
  • Basic Bone
  • Basic Cappucino
  • Basic Tardor
  • Basic Antracita
  • Basic Black
  • Blizzard Cendra

Now that we have summarized the selection from Techlam, why don't we look at what you need to keep in mind if you are going to work at fabricating or installing Techlam.

Fabricating and How to Cut Techlam Porcelain

As we mentioned at the beginning of the page, Techlam is a sintered material. This means that it is very versatile and durable. Therefore, it can be used for a number projects and is capable of functioning as a work surface, a floor covering, and even wall panels. Since it is so adaptable, it is good for fabrication professionals to know about it before jumping into cutting and installing it.

As with any sintered material, fabricating Techlam requires the proper tools. That includes using the right kind of diamond blade. Using a bridge saw blade that was not intended for cutting sintered materials can have an adverse affect on the material, the blade, and the project. Hence, it is good to make sure that you seek out a diamond blade that is engineered for the task. We have designed a blade with the goal of it being the best ceramic bridge saw blade for use on a variety of sintered materials.

Selecting the proper blades for sitnered materials is important because sintering causes the material to be extremely hard and that means the material can crack or chip if the wrong blade or techniques are used to cut the material. We encourage you to research the best practices for fabricating Techlam if you are interested in working with this material.

Techlam Care & Maintenance

Sintered materials also have care and maintenance guidelines that are designed to help owners get the most out of the surfaces after they are installed. One of the big challenges to hard surfaces is finding the proper cleaning and maintenance routine to use if you are putting a material in a home or other high traffic location. This is because each kind of surface has specific requirements that make it stand out from the crowd. It is vital to know how Techlam porcelain tiles measure up to other hard surfaces.

Techlam is a non-porous surface that does not absorb liquids. It is also very hard and is not easily scratched. These two features of the material's design make it very resistant to staining since substances remains on the surface of the slab rather than penetrating it. This means you can easily clean spills from the surface of the material. Tough and dried on spills, however, may call for a bit more in the way of cleaners. Let's consider those now.

Dried on stains can be difficult to remove if the surface is chemically sensitive to various cleaners and stain removers. However, Techlam is resistant to a range of chemicals that pose a challenge for other type of materials. Therefore, Techlam is capable of being treated against a variety of stain types. If you are interested in leaning more about cleaning sintered materials, be sure to read about it on Lustro Italiano.

In conclusion, Techlam is a very durable, versatile sitnered ceramic porcelain material that is appealing to many different people because of its ease of care and maintenance. Additionally, fabricators that want to begin working with it can make sure they are effective at fabricating it by looking into the requirements and obtaining the appropriate diamond tools including bridge saw blades and other tools.

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