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About Our History

Tenax comes from a long history with over a half century in the stone industry.


Established in S.Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Verona) under the name “F.lli Bombana Angelo e Guido”, the company began to produce mastic for the local and international markets.


In addition to the initial product, it began to create synthetic abrasives and abrasives in magnesian for marble.

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Following the premature death of Tenax's founder, Mr. Angelo, management of the company was passed on to his sons Igino and Alberto Bombana.


The company became Tenax S.p.A. and began to produce abrasives in magnesian for granite, and polishes for marble.

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Since 1992

The company confirmed its presence on the market, by introducing new products, such as diamond coated abrasives, cutting tools, diamond coated abrasives with synthetic binder and epoxy resins.

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The Evolution

The development of the Tenax company does not stop at the extension of its already wide range of products, and in 1998 it begins to develop its international branches.

Branches are set up in Brazil, United States, Spain, India, Tuscany, Turkey, South Africa and China.

In the light of fifty years of activity, Tenax's industrial indices record non-stop progressive improvement. This result is obtained through its continuous capacity to renew itself and to satisfy the requirements of current and newly penetrated markets.

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