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Tenax Glaxs BB65 Glue Super Flowing Pouches 315 gm Part # 1RGLAXSBB02 Tenax Glaxs BB65 Glue Super Flowing Pouches 315 Gm

This super flowing pouch is a new generation bi-component resin with zero yellowing that is solvent free with low viscosity and offers medium reactivity. It offers good penetration.

Our Price: $61.99
Absolute Black Part# 1RGLAXSCABSOLUTEBLAC Glaxs Porcelain Ceramic Glue Glaxs Absolute Black - P

A high adhesion system such as Glaxs Absolute Black - P bonds with porcelain, ceramic, natural stone and engineered quartz and is indoor and outdoor usable.

Our Price: $40.97
Part # WIREFFGR89240 Tenax Frankfurt Silicon Carbide Wire Brush 240 Frankfurt Silicon Carbide Wire Brush 240

240 Grit Frankfurt silicone carbide stone brush for use on a variety of natural stone surfaces that are “soft such as marble, limestone, and others to create an antiqued finish.

Our Price: $33.20
Tenax Petrolux 1 Liter Part # 1MTPETROLUX Petrolux Clear 1 QT

1 Liter container of micro fissure concealer designed to hide and conceal the micro-porosities (or web-cracks) that are found in some polished natural stone slabs.

Our Price: $36.33
Part# 1RGLAXSCCLEANWHITE Glaxs Clean White Porcelain, Ceramic, and Sintered Stone Cartridge Glue Glaxs Clean White

An effective indoor and outdoor glue with high adhesion like Glaxs Clean White bonds multiple materials very well including natural and engineered stone.

Our Price: $40.97
Aldem 215 ML Cosentino Dekton Mastidek Fast Outdoor Cartridge Glue Aldem Cd Mastidek 215 Ml

Aldem is a Mastidek color that shares its name with the DEKTON® surface.

Our Price: $40.97
Part # 21B60KPOR Tenax Frankfurt 3 PORALUX Buffer Granite Magnesite Frankfurt 3 Poralux Buffer Granite Magnesite

PORALUX Buffer Granite Magnesite abrasive Frankfurt polishing brick that is a traditional abrasive that is useful in any kind of polishing of softer materials during stone fabrication.

Our Price: $15.00
Part # 22FF060E Tenax Frankfurt Filiflex Extra 60 Grit Brush Frankfurt Filiflex Extra 60 Grit Brush

60 grit Frankfurt diamond brushes designed for use with existing tools currently being used stone fabrication shops everyday and these brushes are meant to be used on natural stone slabs.

Tenax Tefill Chip Repair Kit Part # 1TEFILLKIT Tenax Tefill Chip Repair Kit

Dual viscosity repair kit that dries in under a minute and leaves a polished look on stone surfaces that can be used for a variety of blemishes such scratches and chips.

Our Price: $37.19
Epoxy, Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Marble, Glue, Adhesive Eliox Part # 1RAA00BH15KIT Eliox Kit Part A & B

Extra clear bi-component epoxy cartridge glue approved for food contact that is suitable for natural and engineered stone.

Our Price: $112.27