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Bullnose D 125 SINT GR 46 Bullnose D 125 SINT GR 46

Tenax USA Price: $6.17
Part # 20A60K36RV Tenax Frankfurt EV "RV" GR 36 RV Metal Frankfurt EV "RV" GR 36 RV Metal

Tenax USA Price: $300.00
Tenax Lustro Italianoâ„¢ Stain Remover Poultice Powder 8 oz Part # LUSTROPOWD Lustro Italiano Stain Remover Poultice Powder 8 Oz

Stain removing poultice powder composed of diatomaceous earth and surfactants that are stone safe and work to draw out the stain using a technique that reverses the process by which stains occur.

Crema 1 Liter Quartz Color Match Knife Grade Adhesive Quartz Color Match Crema

Check out Quartz Color Match Crema, a high qulity polyester mastic adhesive formulated to match a spectrum of quartz colors across a number of brands.

Tenax USA Price: $14.48
Part # 21A80V000C Tenax Frankfurt 3 10 EXTRA VS T (soft) Frankfurt 3 10 EXTRA VS T (soft)

This 10 EXTRA VS T polishing brick is made for use during the polishing of softer materials and, as traditional abrasives they are useful for polishing any kind of softer materials.

Tenax USA Price: $15.00
Tenax Universal Color White 10 oz Part # 1H3586WHITE White 300 Ml Coloring Paste Bottle

White is a 10 ounce bottle of universal coloring paste formulated for coloring epoxy, acrylic, and polyester adhesives so that they color match various stone surfaces.

Tenax USA Price: $26.78
Tenax Universal Color Santa Cecilia 2.5 oz Part # 1H3585SANTACECILIA Santa Cecilia 75 Ml Coloring Paste

Santa Cecilia is a 2.5 oz. bottle of coloring paste that is designed to match natural stone materials with the same name and it can be used with other colors or by itself for coloring glue.

Tenax USA Price: $9.28
Tenax Brio Action 1 Strong Stain Remover 1 Liter Part # 1MAABRIO1 Brioaction 1 Strong Stain Remover

Strong stain remover is a biodegradable cleaner that sanitizes as it cleans and is used for removing stains from grout in the joints and seams as well as floors and it is non-toxic.

Tenax USA Price: $30.13
Tenax White Knife 4 Liter Part # 17AB01BG60 4 Liter Knife Grade White

4 Liter can of white polyester knife grade bonding adhesive that is effective for vertical and horizontal repairing, bonding, and filling of natural stone.

Tenax USA Price: $59.98