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Tenax Titanium Vinyl Ester Flowing 1 Liter #1AAA00BM01 1 Liter Titanium Flowing Adhesive

Developed with the latest vinyl ester technology, Titanium is ideal for many applications on several materials and does not darken after cure; superb on white.

Tenax USA Price: $23.45
Knife Grade Glue Quart, Polyester Quart Glue, Tenax Transparent Tixo Knife  1 Liter Part #1CAA00BL80EA01 1 Liter Tixo Ex Knife Grade Transparent

Tixo EX is very polishable and colors easily to match the stone. It cures fast and bonds extremely strong. Cures in lower temperatures.

Tenax USA Price: $18.98
Casper Titanium Extra Rapid Cartridge Glue #1RTCASPER 250 ML Casper Titanium Cartridge

For seaming and bonding engineered stone and natural stone use this polishable and shiny curing 250 ML Casper Titanium Cartridge Titanium cartridge glue.

Tenax USA Price: $29.43
5" 36 Grit Filiflex Stone Texturing Brush 5" 36 Grit Filiflex Stone Texturing Brush

Use this 5" 36 Grit Filiflex Stone Texturing Brush as part of a series of treatments to produce an antique or leathered finish various stones.

Tenax USA Price: $53.58
Tenax Ager Color Enhancing Sealer 1 Liter Part # 1MPA00BG50 Ager 1 Liter

Ager Enhancing Sealer 1 Liter gives natural stone surfaces the "wet look" that enhances the material's colors.

Price $70.95
Tenax Domo 10 1 Liter Part # 1RAA00BG50 Domo 10 1+1 Liter

Two part knife grade epoxy designed for bonding all types of stone and is one of the strongest epoxies in the stone industry. It will bond to polished surfaces.

Tenax USA Price: $69.43
Epoxy, Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Marble, Glue, Adhesive Eliox Part # 1RAA00BH15KIT Eliox Kit Part A & B

Extra clear bi-component epoxy cartridge glue approved for food contact that is suitable for natural and engineered stone.

Tenax USA Price: $112.27
Tenax Fixtop Epoxy Setting Adhesive 2 Gallon Kit (1 A + 1 B) 1RFIXTTOP2GALKIT Fixtop 2 Gal Kit (1 Gal A & 1 Gal B)

A true 100% two-part epoxy glue, not water based, and is very easy to mix and spread. Use for bonding stone, hardwood, cement board, laminate and plywood.

Glaxs Color Cartridge in Pure White Part# 1RGLAXSCPUREWHITE for Porcelain, Ceramics, and Sinterd Stone Glaxs Pure White

See why Glaxs Pure White is a good choice for bonding many materials including quartz, granite, marble, and porcelain surfaces with effective results.

Proseal Nano Penetrating Stone Sealer Premium Grade Stone Sealer Proseal Nano 1 Qt

Excellent stone sealer for glossy and polished surfaces even if the stone has a higher absorption rate.

Tenax USA Price: $65.00
Tenax Proseal Best Marble and Granite Stone Sealer 1 Liter Part # 1MTPROSEAL Proseal 1 Liter

Ultra Premium Stone impregnating sealer is rated by fabricators as one of the best granite, marble, stone sealers to be used on natural stone surfaces.

Tenax USA Price: $45.20
1 Qt. Extraclean Pro Vacuum Cup Ring Remover 1MPC00BG50 Quartz ExtraClean Pro 1 Qt

Cleaner is designed for removing greasy suction cup rings from quartz slabs by penetrating the pores of the material.

Tenax USA Price: $33.14
1L Tenax Quartz Toner Stone Color Plus Enhancer Part # 1MPA00BG501Q Quartz Toner Plus 1 Liter

A multi-finish compatible surface treatment that can be used on a variety of engineered stone surfaces to enhance the color of the stone.

Tenax USA Price: $85.06
Liquid Silicone Surface Wax Shinex Liquid Silicone Wax

Transparent silicone wax surface treatment is designed to intensify the original tone of the material.

16" Dekton Bridge Saw Blade, 16" Dekton Bridgesaw Blade Tenax 16" Dekton Bridge Saw Blade

This diamond blade is approved by Cosentino for cutting Dekton slabs and is designed for cutting these materials effectively for straight and miter cuts.

Tenax USA Price: $356.35