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Adhesive Dispensing Systems

No matter what fabrication project you are seeking adhesives for, you can find the perfect glue here. To assist with the ease of use, Tenax offers cartridges designed to make the application clean and simple.

Clear Adhesive, Epoxies and Polyester Glues

  • Multibond

    The Multibond system features a styrene-free acrylic glue that is designed for bonding various materials including marble, granite, engineered stone, and ceramic.

  • Titanium

    Titanium Extra Rapid Cartridge Glue is the latest Vinyl Ester technology. Works excellent on marbles, granite, engineered stone, quartz and ceramics.

  • Glaxs

    Glaxs is an ultra fast glue made of two previously dosed components. It is suitable for stone, marble, granite, and ceramic materials. It can be used for bonding and mending.

  • Dekton Mastidek

    Mastidek is a bi-component adhesive designed to bond Cosentino Dekton. This indoor/outdoor adhesive is fast and is approved by Cosentino for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Lapitec Strongbond

    StrongBond is a zero yellowing, UV stable, new generation bi-component bonding adhesive specifically for gluing Lapitec. It is also solvent free with medium reactivity.

  • Epoxy Cartridge Glue

    Domo is a 2-part epoxy designed for all types of stone and will bond almost any surface; weather polished or not, Domo works well on a variety of surfaces.

  • Sausages

    Sausages are dispensing systems designed to be clean and efficient and to virtually eliminate wasted adhesive by utilizing a specific method of delivery.

  • Guns, Tips & Nozzles

    Sausage dispensers, cartridge guns for Multibond, Glaxs, Powerbond, Mastidek, StrongBond, and other adhesive aplication systems as well as tips and nozzles.

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