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Color Match Edges of Dyed Stone

Sometimes, there are occasions where the stone you are working with has been polished on its surface, but the edges of the material have not. When this happens, it is good to color match the edge of the stone with its surface. In this article, we will consider how to match the edges of dyed stone. Before we do though, we will briefly examine some key concepts involved with matching the color of the stone's edges with its surface.

Liquid Treatments for Color Matching

The first concept that we will mention is the use of liquid products to treat the stone. Using surface treatments to alter the color of a natural stone's edges is an easy and practical method for color matching. Liquid dye products are absorbed into the pores of the stone where they change the stone's color. Color enhancing products are also applied to the stone in this process.

Applying Products to Dry Stone Increases Effectiveness

When working with liquid products that are designed to color match stone surfaces, one of the main keys is to add the liquid products to a stone that is completely dry. Therefore, allowing the stone to dry (or using a tool to force the stone dry) before each application of liquid product should be incorporated into the color match process.

The benefit to allowing the stone to dry before each application of product is important because it makes the products being applied to the stone more effective. When the pores of the stone are completely dry, they are able to absorb more of the liquid products that are used for coloring, enhancing, and sealing.

How to Apply Tepox Q

Tepox Q Application

Applying Tepox Q is fairly straight forward. There are, however, specific things to be aware of when applying it. The following videos have been prepared to demonstrate how to apply Tepox Q.

Color Matching Step-by-step Directions

  • Bring the stone to a 400 grit polish.
  • Dry the stone as much as possible to allow it to absorb the treatment products.
  • Apply Tepox Q at full strength directly to the stone without diluting.
  • Allow the Tepox Q to dry completely either by using a heat gun or by allowing it to air dry.
  • Once dry, apply Tenax Ager over top of the Tepox.
  • Allow the Ager to dry completely either by force or allowing it to dry naturally.
  • Finish polishing the stone.
  • Allow the stone to dry naturally, or force the stone dry using a heat gun.
  • Apply Tepox Q again to dye the portions of the stone that opened during the last phase of the polishing process.
  • Again, allow the Tepox Q to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.
  • Apply Tenax Ager as directed over the Tepox and dry completely once again.
  • Finish the color matching process by applying the Tenax Proseal ultra-premium sealer to fully lock in the Tepox.
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