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Repairing Chips In Serpentine

Installs, remodels, and even restorations are projects that call for repairing chips in a surface of serpentine. The material is used for a variety of purposes and like every other material available, it is not impervious to various forms of damage. Serpentine surfaces can have imperfections. Often times these blemishes show up in the form of chipped edges. In this article we will talk about why chip repair is necessary. We will also discuss what is needed to repair a chip in a product made from serpentine. Additionally, we will cover the steps necessary to actually repair a chip in a surface made of serpentine material. To see a video showing how easy repairing a chip can be, simply click here to go to a chip repair kit demonstration. For general information about this material, you can check out the serpentine articles. And here is where you can get more information on fixing chipped stone. Now back to the topic at hand; repairing chips in serpentine.

Serpentine Countertops Get Chips

One of the design features made from serpentine materials is countertops. Granted, not all counters are a good fit for serpentine but when the countertop is made of it, being aware that there may be a need for chip repair is something to consider. Serpentine countertops do chip even in places where you would never expect this kind of damage.

Serpentine Surfaces Are Durable, Not Indestructible

Even though a serpentine countertop is durable, it does not mean that the surface cannot be damaged. Countertops especially, can be susceptible to chips. Durable materials can chip if they suffer shock or impact in just the right place. Perhaps the most affected area of a surface is its edge. Countertops have multiple edges that can chip relatively easy if a hard object hits the surface there. Being able to repair a countertop edge means another potential stream of income for your shop. Or if you are handy with tools, being able to repair a chip yourself can save you some money, depending on the rates and the frequency you use the repair equipment.

Chip Repair in Serpentine Surfaces

When talking about repairing chips in serpentine surfaces, the process is relatively simple. It will take a bit of effort, time, and patience to get the chip repaired, but it is worth it for the consumer. This is because owners of surfaces have come to appreciate the material and realize the expense involved in replacing surfaces made from it.

What is Needed to Repair a Chip?

Enough with the who, when, and why information. Let's get into the what and how information as it relates to repairing chips in a serpentine surface. The following list enumerates the tools and supplies needed to repair a chip in a serpentine surface.

  • A Milling Tool to Smooth Out the Chipped Area
  • Material for Filling In the Chipped Section of the Surface
  • Coloring Pigment That Matches the Serpentine's Color
  • Dispenser for Filling the Chip With the Filler
  • A Flat Surface to Use as a Mold for the Serpentine Slab

Serpentine Chip Repair Steps

Having the correct tools to repair a chip is only the beginning of the process, but it is a good start. Using the tools effectively is what yields the results. Repairing chips in a serpentine surface involves the following steps.

  1. Clean the area of the serpentine surface that you will be repairing.
  2. Remove the dust that was generated from milling out the chipped area and then clean that region of the surface.
  3. Allow the cleaned area of the surface to dry.
  4. Place the flat molding surface on the top of the serpentine slab directly over the spot to be filled and clamp it down.
  5. Using the filler and the coloring paste, mix the two together so that the filler is the proper color needed to match the serpentine surface.
  6. Place the colored filler into the gap between the serpentine surface and your flat molding surface.
  7. Wait for the filler to harden up and dry.
  8. Clean and refine the edges of the filled area to remove excess filler.

Demonstration of Surface Restoration Using a Chip Repair Kit

In the video below, you can see how easy repairing a chip is when you have all the necessary tools to accomplish the task and can use them effectively.

Click here to read this entire article about serpentine chip repair.

In this article we have seen a number of important aspects related to repairing chips in serpentine surfaces. We stared out by looking at the reason there is a need for serpentine chip repair equipment. Then we listed briefly the tools needed for restoring a surface with a chip. We then considered the steps involved with serpentine chip repair. Finally, we shared a demonstration video showing just how easily repairing a chip is when you have the tools and the know-how. Being equipped and ready to restore surfaces that have these kinds of nuisance damage can go a long way toward the success of your shop.

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