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Neolith Glue for Neolith Countertops

One of the questions that undoubtedly arises when it comes to fabrication is what adhesive to use for a particular material. There are multiple factors to consider and each of those factors plays an important role in the final decision. In this article, we will take a brief look at what factors to consider when deciding on a glue for Neolith countertops and what characteristics you might want to consider when choosing your Neolith glue.

Factors to Consider

As with any decision, it is important to consider various aspects of the decision. When selecting which Neolith glue is best for your shop, you want to weigh, not only the cost, but also a couple of other factors. The two that we will now consider are:

  • Adhesive Color
  • Glue Performance

Neolith Colors & Matching

One of the factors that needs to be considered when selecting a glue for Neolith surfaces is the color of the slab or sheet that you are bonding. Neolith is available in an array of colors and patterns. Since each sheet is a specific color and/or pattern, the adhesive will look the best if it is closely matched to the color(s) that are predominant in the Neolith surface. So choosing an adhesive that coordinates with the colors in the Neolith surface is important if you want the project to have the best appearance possible.

Durability of Neolith Surfaces

Another aspect to consider when you begin making your selection of which Neolith glue to use for countertops to be installed by your fabrication shop is the glue's performance. Neolith is a very durable and resilient material. For example, it can be installed indoors and outdoors. It is also used for vertical and horizontal applications. If your projects are include indoor and outdoor kitchens using Neolith, you will want to select an adhesive that can endure the environment in which the surface is installed.

Glue Must Be Resilient

As mentioned above, Neolith surfaces range in color and are diverse in there application. Since that is the case, the adhesive used on Neolith should meet the requirements of the project in which the surface is used. Choosing a glue that matches the countertop's color and that will hold up well affects the overall success of the project. Tenax offers Glaxs adhesives designed to perform well on Neolith surfaces. Glaxs cartridge glue is made for use in indoor and outdoor applications. And even though Glaxs is compatible with a variety of materials, it is very effective on Neolith.

Glaxs cartridge glue is also color matched so that the projects in which they are used look excellent. After all, you don't want the seams to stand out, you want the whole project to shine. Having a glue that blends in with the surface and makes the seams less noticeable is how you accomplish that.

Glaxs Neolith Glue Color Selection

We formulate adhesive colors of Glaxs cartridge glue to work with Neolith surfaces as well as other materials from a variety of manufacturers. Our glue is designed to perform well and match Neolith countertop colors. Glaxs adhesive colors matched to Neolith include:

Glaxs Cover-up

Glaxs Translucent

Neolith Sheets Selection

Color matching a specific brand of countertop material is a task that takes time, effort, and other resources. Putting together a color palette that will afford fabricators the opportunity to match a variety of colors and one that works will a specific brand of material is something that Tenax does to make a product that coordinates with Neolith colors. The following is a list of the colors currently available at the time of the writing of this article.

  • Abu Dhabi White
  • Amazonico
  • Himalaya Crystal
  • Layla
  • Summer Dala
  • Winter Dala
  • Calacatta Luxe CL01
  • Mont Blanc
  • Calatorao
  • Estatuario E01
  • Estatuario E01R
  • Estatuario E05
  • Estatuario E05R
  • Blanco Carrara BC02
  • blanco carrara bc02r
  • Calacatta C01
  • Calacatta C01R
  • Calacatta Gold CG-01
  • Calacatta Gold CG-01R
  • Strata Argentum
  • Pulpis
  • Nero Marquina NM01
  • Nero Marquina NM01R
  • Mar del Plata
  • New York-New York
  • Mirage
  • Krater
  • Retrostone
  • Arena
  • Basalt Beige
  • Pietra di Osso
  • Barro
  • Basalt Grey
  • Lava
  • Cement
  • Phedra
  • Beton
  • Concrete Taupe
  • Pietra Di Luna
  • Pietra Di Piombo
  • Zaha Stone
  • Basalt Black
  • Nero Zimbabwe
  • Pierre Bleue
  • Aspen Grey
  • Iron Moss
  • Iron Grey
  • Iron Corten
  • Iron Copper
  • Iron Frost
  • La Bohème-B01
  • Just White
  • Luna
  • Bombon
  • Nieve
  • Avorio
  • Arctic White
  • Perla
  • Humo
  • Nero
  • Sofía Cuprum
  • Textil White

If you are looking for an effective glue for Neolith, you will find that Glaxs not only offers the performance that you need, but also is available in colors designed to match the sheet your project uses.