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Tepox Q Indoor Outdoor Stone Enhancer

Natural Stone Enhancement

One of the uses for stone dye is to enhance the look of natural stone surfaces. Natural stone has a very interesting look no matter what type of stone and which kind of finish you have on it. Yet, with stone enhancement products you can give your natural stone's appearance a boost with just a few minutes and bit of patience.

Tepox Indoor & Outdoor Stone Dye

Tepox Q is a stone dye developed to deepen the color of your natural stone surface. Available in an array of colors and in multiple size containers, this color enhancing product will give your surface that "pop" that you hear everyone talking about.

You can use these stone color enhancers on a variety of stone finishes and get a varying degree of color depth. For example, using Tepox Q on a leathered granite surface gives you a nice, deep enhancement since leathered stone is very porous from the leathering process. Polished stone will receive the stone dye too, but since the pores are not as "opened", less absorption will take place. As a general rule, the higher the polish, the less the stone will absorb the dye and the less difference in color you will notice.

Color Selection

Tepox Q is available in a variety of hues and in two sizes of containers. Here is a list of some of the colors:

Tepox Q Application

Applying Tepox Q is fairly straight forward. There are, however, specific things to be aware of when applying it. The following videos have been prepared to demonstrate how to apply Tepox Q.

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