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Water Clear Stone Glue

Tenax offers a variety of glue for use on natural and engineered stone. Polyester adhesives are available in various consistencies and application methods. This page features a collection of polyester glue products from Tenax designed for a range of uses.

Knife Grade Clear

For vertical applications, some professionals prefer knife grade polyester adhesives. We offer the following products:

So if you are looking for a clear knife grade polyester glue those are two that we recommend.

Clear Flowing Stone Adhesive

There are cases when a thinner adhesive might work better than a knife grade glue, in those cases we recommend looking into our flowing liquid polyester adhesive. This consistency is designed for horizontal application and cures with a shiny finish. It is also very polish-able and colors easily.

Clear Cartridge Glue

Some pros consider cartridge glue to be the most practical to use since the consistency is neither too "runny" or too "thick". The viscosity of cartridge glues is such that a fabricator or installer can run a bead of this glue right from a cartridge gun and it will stay long enough to set the pieces that are being bonded. The clear cartridge glue that we offer is as follows:

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GLAXS Ultra Fast Transparent Glue 50 ML Glaxs Ultra Fast Transparent Cartridge Adhesive

See why Glaxs Ultra Fast 2+1 Transparent 50 ml is a good choice for bonding many materials including quartz, granite, marble, and porcelain surfaces with effective results.

Tenax USA Price: $20.07
GLAXS Fast 2+1 Transparent Glaxs Fast Transparent 215 ML2+1 Cartridge Adhesive

Glaxs Fast 2+1 Fast Transparent 215 ml is an effective choice of cartridge adhesive for bonding several materials including porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone.

Tenax USA Price: $38.29