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Stone Surface Treatments

There are many ways that a natural or engineered stone surface can be beautfied. One way of making a stone surface look its best is by treating the surface with a chemical or other substance. In this section of the website, you will find information related to surface treatments that are frequently used on natural and engineered stone surfaces.

  • About Granite Sealers

    Granite sealers and whether granite needs to be sealed are among the various subjects this article covers. Other topics include: how to test if granite needs to be sealed and what kinds are available.

  • Best Stone Sealers

    When choosing the best stone sealer you need to consider a variety of factors including many aspects of the project and the sealer. Here, we take a look at some of those factors and variables.

  • General Natural Stone Care Tips

    Caring for indoor and outdoor natural stone surfaces such as countertops, floors, and patios has general recommendations we discuss in this article.

  • Sealer Use Chart

    With so many different kinds of materials, it can be difficult to know which sealer is designed for use on a given material. This chart lists the materials to which Tenax sealers can be applied and gives a star rating.

  • What Sealer to Use

    When it comes to sealing stone surfaces, you will hear various guidelines and rules-of-thumb. What kinds of sealers are available and which type of sealer should you select for your natural or engineered stone surface?

  • Do I Need Stone Dye?

    If you have seen stone dye and wondered if these products have a practical use, this article answers that question and talks about why and how stone sye is used in the fabrication industry.

  • Enhancing Stone Colors

    Not every stone surface is at is full color potential when it hits the home of the end customer. Unless, you have enhanced its color ahead of time. These products are made for enhancing the color of natural and engineered stone materials.