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Granite Colors

The Colors of Granite

In the world of natural granite, there are a rainbow of colors from which to choose. In fact, we have a page of information discussing some reasons for the popularity of granite. That information enumerates some of the most popular granite names that people are always trying to find. However, it is not always easy to determine what color a slab is just going by the name. On this page, we have grouped a number of these granite names into their basic colors. Each list also gives a summary describing some of the appeal of that color group.

Black Granite

Perhaps one of the most sought after colors of granite is black. Black granite exudes a luxuriant feel. Black is associated with the feel of upscale environemnts. Because of this, there have come to be many slabs in the color black. Here are some of the more popular ones.

Brown Granite

There is perhaps no color that looks mor enatural than granite in a shade of brown. Brown hues offer just the right look for many types of designs. Rustic design is one specific style than benefits from brown tones.

Red Granite

Whether the stone has an overall red hue or there are red accents on a different colored background, some people prefer to have red in the stone. These granite slabs offer either a red background or some other background with red as an aaccent color.

Gold Granite

Gold is a popular granite color. You will find that each gold slab will have its own degree of saturation and brightness. Some of the following slab colors are very bright, and others are somewhat muted. Additionally, you will find that there are slabs with other colors accented with gold highlights.

Gray Granite

A number of granite slabs that have names indicating that they are white, green, brown or beige actually have a gray look to them. Here is a list of some o fthe popular granites that can be viewed as "gray" slabs.

Blue Granite

Some granite slabs are blue overall and others are another color with very prominant blue accents. The following granite slabs are examples of these variations of blue granite.

White Granite

White granite is a popular choice and much desired. Many white slabs have other colors to accent the look. The visual texture of some of the slabs also adds interest as well.

Green Granite

Many slabs that make the green list could be also categorized as other colors. Some of the green grnaite is very very dark green and even looks black in some light. Still others may be viewed as gray. But here are some of the slabs that have green tones.

Pink Granite

Whether it is a light pink, dark pink, or salmon colored stone, it will most likely be listed in this group. Pink hues in granite are very distinctive options for some.