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Regularly Sealing granite

How Often Should I Seal Granite?

Keeping granite countertops and other stone surfaces in top shape is a task that many are concerned with. As a result, the question of how often to seal granite countertops comes up regularly. So, how often should granite countertops be sealed? That question could be asked a couple of ways.

Periodic Sealing With An Impregnating Sealer

If you are following a program of sealing your granite countertops using an *impregnating sealer*, the regularity with which you seal the stone will depend on a number of factors. Two primary considerations to give some thought to include:

  • Porosity of the Granite
  • Sealer Used
  • Cleaners Used

Granite slabs vary in their porosity. Some slabs are more porous than others. Additionally, there are granite sealers designed for porous stone and there are granite sealers for polished stone. Using the proper sealer on a given stone affects how often it needs to be sealed. If a sealer designed for use on one type of stone is used on another type, the results will not be optimal.

So both the Stone's porosity and the kind of sealer used work together to yield the best results. How often then does a stone need to be sealed when the proper impregnating sealer is used?

In addition to using the proper sealer and the porosity of the stone, the cleaner used also affects how often a granite surface needs to be sealed. Some household cleaners contain substances that breakdown the sealers used to protect granite surfaces. If an incorrect sealer is used, even a sealer that was applied recently can be removed by those cleaners. So, using the appropriate cleaner is important.

Maintaining Granite Using Sealer Fortified Polish

Another technique that many choose for maintaining the seal on a granite countertop is to regularly use a fortified granite polish on the surface as part of a cleaning routine. This technique, maintains the barrier gradually. How often does this type of sealing need to be done? Every week or so is sufficient for most surfaces when used in conjunction with a pH neutral daily cleaner.

As previously mentioned, using the proper cleaner is important because some cleaners can remove any sealer from which the granite is benefitting.

In short then, a nber of factors affect how often your granite surface needs sealed. The porosity, the kind of sealer, and the cleaner used will have a bearing on the frequency. By educating yourself and your customers on how to.seal granite and by following the directions from the sealer manufacturer, you will be sure to get optimal results.