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Exterior Sealer for Stone Surfaces

You might be aware that Tenax natural and engineered stone sealers are premium quality stone sealers that help protect natural granite, marble and other stone materials. However, in this article we are going to look at Tenax Protex and why it belongs among the best granite sealers and is a great sealer for patios, pavers, wall blocks, and flagstone walkways.

Mold Resistant Stone Sealer

One of the biggest contributors to mold and moss growth is moisture. Water trapped inside a stone material can be a breeding ground for these unwanted organisms. In fact the website for the United States EPA has a guide for preventing mold and moisture under the following subheading:

Moisture Control is the Key to Mold Control

So keeping moisture at bay, is a big part of staving off the growth of mold and loss on an exterior surface that is made of a stone material. Let's look at one Tenax Product that assists with this objective.

Protex for Outdoor Use

Why is Protex such a good outdoor sealer? Because it is formulated to provide protection in outdoor environments on very porous materials. The solvent-based sealer provides outstanding repellent properties even when applied outdoors. In addition to its ability to protect a stone's surface, Protex also does this without affecting the breathability of the stone. As a result, moisture can escape the material to which the sealer is applied but does not easily penetrate the stone's pores.

Breathable Outdoor Sealer

Since Protex is breathable, it is a good choice for outdoor use and is a good sealer for all kinds of exterior stone surfaces. Its breathability means that moss and molds do not thrive since the moisture is not trapped inside the pores of the stone surface to which it is applied. The seal is not what some might call a "two-way seal". Rather, Protex only inhibits moisture from entering into the stone while at the same time allowing moisture to escape. Molds and moss thrive on moisture and this feature of Protex outdoor stone sealer makes it tougher for these organisms to easily grow.

Sealer That Resists Rain

One source of moisture in an outdoor setting is rainfall. Even if it does not rain much, humidity in the air can cause stone materials to become a breeding ground for mold and moss. If the stone material absorbs the moisture form the air, or if it is not able to dry out after it is moist, mold and moss can grow. Protex is a breathable outdoor stone sealer designed for use on many surfaces.

This stone sealer for outdoor use is effective on esterior stone surfaces because it effectively resists rain. Even persistent rain is shed by this outdoor stone sealer.

Protex exterior stone sealer is a quality water repellent that offers a number of options for application. It can be used for sealing all sorts of surfaces in the outdoors including:

  • Pavers
  • Patios
  • Porches
  • Sidewalks
  • Flagstone
  • Landscape Block
  • Stackable Wall Stones

Quality Sealer for Outdoor Stone

No matter what sort of stone surface you need to seal, Protex is a sealer designed to help protect stone surfaces as an impregnator sealer. Got a polished outdoor surface that needs protected form moisture? Applying a breathable outdoor sealer that is especially performant on polished surfaces is recommended. Since Protex is very effective on polished stone, it is a good choice for outdoor polished stone that needs sealed.

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