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Best Sealers for Granite

Which Are the Best Granite Sealers?

When it comes to choosing a product for a particular purpose most consumers search for the "best" option. It is the same with individuals looking for a granite sealer. However, finding the right product means more than just entering "best granite sealer" in to a search engine. As you will see in this article the best sealer for granite takes into consideration various aspects of the project. There are many kinds of granite sealer available. And various sealers are compatible with multiple stone types. You can see these in our sealer use chart. Let's see how to figure out which is the best sealer to use for a granite project.

The Best Value

When someone begins the search for the best of something, what they are really seeking is the "best value". It's important to make the distinction between the "best price" and the "best value". Why is the difference important? Well, just because something is priced lower does not mean it performs the best. Similarly, the most expensive product isn't necessarily the best performer. However, finding a great performing product that is reasonably priced is usually what consumers are actually after. But how can you zero in on the granite sealer the granite that has the best value? The answer lies in the project. More specifically, the use case in which the sealer will be applied. Let's look at some common ways granite sealer is used and we will see which products rank as the "best".

Characteristics That Add Value

As we have stated, the best granite sealer is usually the one with the greatest value. There are some factors that will vary from project to project that will influence the decision. We will look at those in a bit. However, there are some factors that add value no matter what the project is. For example, using a sealers that allows the granite to breathe is important. Why? Because allowing moisture to escape the pores will help to prevent some types of staining to occur. So, the best granite sealers will work in two ways;

  1. They will inhibit moisture from penetrating the surface of the granite.
  2. The stone will be allowed to "breathe" because the sealer will allow moisture to escape the granite.

Another characteristic that will add value is whether a given sealant can be used indoors or outdoors. The best sealers are ones that allow the consumer the option of indoor or outdoor use. This is a key element because not all sealers are formulated for outdoor use. So be sure to check that your granite sealer is right for the environment in which it will be applied.

Aside from the qulaities that sealers offer to increase their value, there are specific aspects of high quality sealers that make different ones the best in certain scenarios. now we will consider these variants.

Best Polished Granite Sealer

One scenario for using granite sealer is when the surface is polished. So what sealer has the best value for polished granite? Finding a sealer that will seal the stone is not that difficult. But, did you know that some impregnating sealers are better for polished surfaces? It's true. The best sealer for polished granite is one that can work down into the microporosities of a polished granite stone and do its job. Because of this, it is wise to look for a sealer that offers great performance on polished surfaces. Hydrex is an outstanding sealer that is especially effective on polished surfaces. For this and other reasons, we deem it the best polished granite sealer. It is not the only sealer that can be used on polished granite, but it is especially effective as a polished granite sealer.

Best Sealer for Porous Granite

On the opposite end of the porosity spectrum you have the very porous materials. These include a variety of materials let's take a look some opportunities to seal porous granite. One of the places that porous granite can be found is outdoors. Although it is not the only location that porous materials like granite can be used, it is one of the many. Just like some sealers work particularly well on glossy or polished granite, there are sealers that perform the best on porous surfaces. For stone that has a very porous surface, we recommend Protex. It effectiveness on highly porous surfaces make it the best porous granite sealer for many jobs. Again, all of our sealers are high quality, but Protex works particularly well on granite that is very porous.

Indoor Granite Is Sometimes Porous

Even though Protex is great for outdoor use on very porous stone like granite, sidewalks, patios, pavers, and other surfaces, that is not the extent to which it can be used. It can also be used indoors and it is food safe so using it on a porous granite countertop is not a problem. As with everything though, each project will demand specific performance and features.

Enhancing Granite With the Best Sealers

There are time when sealing is not he only task you are trying to accomplish. For example, you may want to darken the stone or enhance the natural colors of the granite surface. When this is the case, reaching for the best color enhancing granite sealer is the option. But what products are there for enhancing granite as you seal it? There are a couple and which one you opt for will depend on the kind of granite you are working on.

Premium Granite Enhancer & Sealer

For a premium sealer that also enhances granite surfaces the best option is the original ager for granite. It is a premium granite sealer that enhances the natural color and grain of the granite. This sealer improves the look of the stone while protecting it. Using Ager will give your granite surface the "wet look" as some refer to it. The colors are more vibrant and vivid so the appearance of the stone is enhanced.

Exotic Granite Sealer & Enhancer

Since not all granite is the same and some granite slabs are exotic, you may find that the best granite sealer for these stones is Ager Tiger. Exotic granite is stone that sometimes has particularly bright colors that are unique. Exotic stone is often times more porous than than other granite surfaces. It is for these materials we recommend Ager Tiger. Tiger is formulated as the best enhancing sealer for exotic granite. For times when you are looking for a granite enhancing sealer and it is going to be used on exotic stone, Ager Tiger is designed for the task.

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Tenax Hydrex Granite, Marble & Stone Sealer 1 Liter Part # 1MMA00BG50 Hydrex Sealer 1 Liter

Hydrex 1 Liter container of our most popular granite sealer designed to penetrate the pores of the natural stone surface and prevent liquids from getting into the material.

Tenax USA Price: $24.30
Tenax Ager Tiger Color Enhancing Sealer 1 Liter Part # 1MPA001BG50 Ager Tiger 1 Liter

1 Liter container of Ager Tiger natural exotic stone sealer and color enhancer formulated to penetrate the pores of exotic stone material and treat the stone so liquids stay out.

Tenax USA Price: $103.83
Tenax Ager Color Enhancing Sealer 1 Liter Part # 1MPA00BG50 Ager 1 Liter

Ager Enhancing Sealer 1 Liter gives natural stone surfaces the "wet look" that enhances the material's colors.

Price $70.95
Tenax Proseal Best Marble and Granite Stone Sealer 1 Liter Part # 1MTPROSEAL Proseal 1 Liter

Ultra Premium Stone impregnating sealer is rated by fabricators as one of the best granite, marble, stone sealers to be used on natural stone surfaces.

Tenax USA Price: $45.20
Tenax Protex 1 Quart Part # 1MTPROTEX Protex 1 Liter

Protex 1 Liter stone sealer is among the top premium stone sealers on the market today and is suitable for treating all sorts of stone surfaces and is especially effective on smooth stone.

Tenax USA Price: $84.49
Tenax Ager Pen, Hide scratches in granite, quartz, stone Part # 1MPAGERPEN Ager Pen - 6 Piece Display Set

Stone Enhancing Ager Touch-up Pen penetrates scratches, nicks, or chips in medium to dark color stone and makes them less noticeable.

Tenax USA Price: $39.60
Proseal Nano Penetrating Stone Sealer Proseal Nano 250ml

Penetrates and settles into the material's micro-pores and protects the stone from all kinds of dirt.

Tenax USA Price: $25.75
Proseal Nano Penetrating Stone Sealer Premium Grade Stone Sealer Proseal Nano 1 Qt

Excellent stone sealer for glossy and polished surfaces even if the stone has a higher absorption rate.

Tenax USA Price: $65.00