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Diamond Saw Blades

What Are the Best Diamond Saw Blades?

Trying to narrow diamond saw blades down to a specific best blade is like trying to determine what is the best knife. You have many knives in your kitchen. It is the same with diamond saw blades. There are many diamond saw blades and each one is made for a particular use. Various sizes of blades, different types of rims, segments, and bond. All of these factors work together to form a blade specifically for certain tasks.

Since there are so many from which to choose, let's look at some of the best diamond saw blades and see why each one is considered a good choice. We will consider each one by the material that it cuts.

Blades for Cutting Porcelain

Cutting ceramics takes very particular specifications. The material is hard and needs a blade that has a rim with a lot of surface area. Having a blade designed to cut ceramic tiles as well as other forms of the material means the blade cuts cleanly. It also requires the blade to make its way through the stone quickly and efficiently. Therefore, the best ceramic blades meet that criteria. Tenax offers its best blade for cutting ceramics under the label "Ceramica". This blade is made for cutting porcelain ceramic surfaces is available in multiple sizes.

Cutting Engineered Stone

Like porcelain, engineered quartz is material that is popular. Fabricators are looking for the best blades to cut quartz countertops. The industry has many variations of diamond blades made for cutting quartz. When it comes to cutting quartz and other engineered stone materials, following some best practices for cutting quartz is recommended.

Blades for Sintered Materials

Cutting sintered material surfaces takes a bit of a specially designed diamond blade. Sintered materials are extremely hard and ultracompact surfaces are right at the front of the list. DEKTON surfaces are made to last and that means they are tough. So cutting them requires a blade that is engineered to perform well on sintered materials. Getting the best diamond blade for cutting sintered stone and DEKTON is fairly easy. Just refer to the approved blades for cutting DEKTON and you will find Cosentino's recommendations for DEKTON.

Cutting Natural Stone

Still other materials take diamond blades designed specifically for cutting them. One example of a natural stone that requires a diamond blade made for the task is marble. Cutting natural marble is easiest when a marble blade is used.

Although marble is a relatively soft stone when compared to some of the others mentioned in this article, it still needs to be cut using a diamond blade made for softer material. The best marble blades are designed using a soft bond. This allows the blade to wear at a rate that is complimentary to the hardness of the marble. If the blade's rim does not wear properly, the blade could get clogged up with debris from the marble slab.

In the end, the best diamond saw blades are the the ones designed to cut the material you are working with at that particular time. Knowing a bit about the various kinds of diamond blades and what each blade is designed to do will ensure that your choice is a good one.