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Quartzite Information

Natural Stone - Quartzite

Quartzite is a natural stone material that is used for surfaces in interior design. The material is featured in this area of the website. The articles below elaborate on various aspect of natural quartzite surfaces. Additionally, there is care and maintenance information contained in the content found in theis section dealing with quartzite surfaces.

  • Is Quartzite Porous, Or Not?

    Does it seem to be that one day you read that quartzite is porous and the next day, you read that it is non-porous? Here is why it gets confusing.

  • Quartzite Countertops

    In this article we take a look at some various aspects of quartzite countertops including what quartzite is, why it is beneficial as a countertop and what goes into working with it and caring for it daily.

  • Quartzite Surfaces

    This type of material is one that is used for a variety of hard surfaces including kitchen countertops. Natural quartzite stone is often selected for some of its outstanding qualities that many find appealing.

  • Bonding Quartzite Surfaces

    When deciding on an adhesive product to bond quartzite it is advantageous to think about some specifics regarding the task at hand and the requirements for gluing quartzite
  • Quartzite Chip Repair

    Learn how to go about repairing a quartzite surface that has a chip in it and what is needed to fix these issues in quartzite.