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Polyester Adhesive Glue Products

Looking for a polyester glue in knife grade? Need flowing filler for marble? Looking for a transparent polyester glue? You've found your source for the best adhesives on the market.

Knife Grade and Flowing Polyesters

Our knife grade polyester adhesive products for vertical and horizontal bonding or filling are available in a variety of colors. Also available in transparent if you are looking for a clear solution.

If you are seeking flowing polyester glues for horizontal bonding and filling of marble or another natural stone, our line of flowing adhesives may be your choice. These glues are also available in multiple colors and additionally come in transparent as well.

  • Flowing

    Flowing polyester glue in colors and transparent for horizontal bonding or filling natural stone including marble and travertine.

  • Knife Grade

    Knife grade polyester glue for bonding and filling natural stone vertically or horizontally.

  • Travertine

    Tenax travertine filler for bonding and filling natural travertine stone. Semisolid travertine filler is available in brown, buff, and grey colors.

  • Water Clear

    Transparent quality adhesives for a variety of applications where you need the adhesive to be clear.

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