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GLAXS Ultra Fast Transparent Glue 50 ML Glaxs Ultra Fast Transparent Cartridge Adhesive

See why Glaxs Ultra Fast 2+1 Transparent 50 ml is a good choice for bonding many materials including quartz, granite, marble, and porcelain surfaces with effective results.

Tenax USA Price: $20.07
Ceramic Non-marking Razor Blades Ceramic Non-marking Razor Blades

If you use razor blades for cleaning up stone, quartz, and porcelain that are light colors, this product makes your life much easier by reducing clean up.

Part # 1H3480401500 Tenax Fiberglass Mesh 75H/ 150cm Fiberglass Mesh 75H/ 150 cm

Fiberglass mesh is used for reinforcing the backside of natural stone like granite, marble, and soapstone by laying the mesh over the back and using and epoxy system to adhere the mesh to stone.

Tenax USA Price: $8.31
Part # 1H34804018 Tenax Fiberglass Mesh 75H/ 180cm Fiberglass Mesh 75H/ 180 cm

Available in rolls of varying sizes, fiberglass mesh works as a reinforcement for natural soapstone, granite, and marble by using it with epoxy to bond it to the back of stone slabs.

Tenax USA Price: $8.86
Snail Lock Back Up 5" Snail Lock Back Up 5"

5 x 5/8-11 aluminum thread rubber filled snail lock back up for hand use and automation designed to break away when there are abrasive jams during use.