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How to Get Invisible Seams On White Stone

Depending on what kinds of stone you normally work with, you may have run into the problem that this article addresses. Namely, How to get invisible seams on white stone. It is not an isolated problem that occurs with just one or two materials. Furthermore, it can creep into a project through a number of tasks. So, how can a nice seam be achieved on a white stone. What is the secret to seaming a stone without it it being noticed? We will answer those questions in this how-to article. Along the way, we will inform you a bit about the 'secret weapon' that makes it achievable.

White Stone and Invisible Seaming

Working with certain materials inevitably brings very specific challenges. Each stone will present an obstacle around which to navigate. One such hurdle is yellowing when seaming a specific collection of materials. These stones are white and they require a seaming adhesive that will not yellow. Included in the group of white stones we are talking about are the following:

  • Carrara Marble
  • Thassos White
  • Calacatta Marble
  • Macael White
  • Statuario Marble
  • Bianco Lasa
  • Lilac Marble

That list is certainly not exhaustive, there are many natural stone materials that are white and require a seaming adhesive that does not scream, 'LOOK AT ME' after the seam is created.

Seaming Tasks Require Stealthy Glue

As you know several tasks demand an immaculate seam. If the adhesive yellows it detracts from the excellent work you've done on the natural stone.

The Gray Area of Unnoticeable Seams

One of the most frustrating things during fabrication is doing a lamination or profiling and polishing an edge and then having a "shadow" or "bleed" at the seam because of the adhesive. What causes this? These shadows or bleeds happen when the adhesive being used to do the task is absorbed by the stone on both sides of the seam; causing the stone to darken. It creates a grayish line that makes the seam stand out and is far from the invisible seams you strive to achieve.

A Seam of a Different Color

As if graying and shadowed seams weren't bad enough, you also have to worry about the call from the customer that is complaining about the yellow line in the edge of the stone. This is when having the right glue, a "stealthy glue" pays off. The yellowing occurs when the adhesive is exposed to UV rays and yellows. Sure, the glue still holds, but the awesome looking seam that existed when the job was completed is long gone. Adhesive is often at its best when you can't even tell it is there.

Seams That Stay Out Of the Way

So the key then is to use an adhesive that stays gone when used on white stone materials. This would require the glue to be completely clear and then not turn yellow when it is exposed to UV rays. Of course we have one that is formulated to accomplish both. Glaxs is a new generation, bi-component adhesive that addresses the seam degrading behaviors mentioned above. Namely, shadowing from bleed and yellowing from UV rays.

So how to seam white and light colored marble materials is best answered with the simple statement, use the right adhesive for seaming white stone. Finding that though is not as easy as just saying it. However, knowing about Glaxs is really the best first step to achieving those unnoticeable seams because the best adhesive in the hands of a stone professional that knows how to do the job, is an unstoppable combination.

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