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Natural Stone - Onyx

Onyx is a fascinating natural stone material that is used for a variety of purposes. This natural stone is fascinating because of one of its main traits. Natural onyx is a material that has a translucent nature and is featured often times as a centerpiece. This is in part because of its beautiful colored bands. However, this material also is used in conjunction with backlighting to produce breathtaking surfaces including bars, tables and countertops.

Although similar to limestone, onyx is a different material. There is also other handy onyx information in this section to help you with care and maintenance and fabrication of natural limestone surfaces.

  • Onyx Surfaces

    A look at the use of onyx for surfaces indoors as well as how to care for and maintain this natural material and why it is different from other natural stone, but similar.

  • Bonding Onyx Surfaces

    Bonding materials takes some thought before diving into a specific task or project this article covers not only the considerations for a project that includes bonding onyx but also why.
  • Onyx Chip Repair

    Learn how to go about repairing a onyx surface that has a chip in it and what is needed to fix these issues in onyx.