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Surface Treatment Information for Quartz

Quartz Surface Treatments

Engineered quartz surfaces seem to be everywhere. In kitchens, bathrooms, and even in boardrooms you will find quartz material as a worktop, countertop, or other hard surface material. In addition to being in an assortment of places, quartz is also available in a variety of types that require various kinds of treatments. And while each brand of quartz is unique and requires specific kinds of products, Tenax has formulated products to use on an array of quartz surfaces. Here, we will take a look at some of the Tenax quartz care products that might be used to care for and maintain quartz surfaces.

Cleaning Quartz Surfaces

When caring for a quartz countertop or other surface, you will find all kinds of advice about what cleaner to use. Browsing the Internet will yield many web pages that detail how to make your own cleaner. Or, cleaning quartz countertops with homemade cleaning supplies. These articles and web pages will offer recipes for concoctions using liquids and other substances from around the house. However, quartz surface manufacturers will advise against using just any old household substance as a cleaner. In fact, quartz companies will offer very explicit directions for using cleaners that meet specific requirements when a cleaner other than soap & water is needed or desired. Tenax has formulated

Quartz Surface Polishing Products

Some quartz surfaces are inherited from other owners. The most common way this occurs is by purchasing a home that already has quartz surfaces installed. In these cases there might be a need for a quality quartz polish. When is this type of quartz care needed?

When a quartz surface is "inherited" from someone else, the surface may not have been properly cared for. For example, quartz manufacturers give specific directions for what to use when cleaning quartz coutnertops. However, some quartz owners are used to using common household cleaners for all of their surfaces. Cleaning quartz surfaces with unapproved cleaners or chemicals can result in a dull haze forming on the surface. Because of this, quartz polishing products are offered to restore the polished look to the surface of quartz coutnertops and other quartz surfaces.

Removing Stains From Quartz Surfaces

Although quartz is a durable and easy to maintain material, it does at times require cleaning using a product for tougher stains that can come from an array of substances that leave a residue on the surface. When this is the case, Bravo! is the solution. This Tenax product is marketed as a ready-to-use quartz stain remover. Bravo! is formulated to remove many substances including cosmetics, paint, and markers just to name a few.

Fighting Surface Limescale On Quartz

Even though quartz materials are non-porous they can become "stained" in a sense when water is left on the surface of the material. When water that contains minerals remains on a quartz surface and then the water dries or evaporates, The minerals remain on the surface and can even bond to the quartz surface. Because this happens to quartz Tenax produces a limescale remover for quartz.

Quartz Brands

There are many brands of quartz available on the market and each has its own color palette. In the table below you can see a number of quartz brands; each having its own recommended care routine.