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Stone Epoxy Indoor Outdoor Adhesive Cartridges

Epoxy Indoor Outdoor Cartridge Adhesives

So, you are looking for the right adhesive cartridge to use on a project and you need an extremely strong glue. Well epoxies are a good choice if you need an adhesive that must endure sub-freezing temperatures or there is going to be fluctuating temperature. For example, an outdoor kitchen where there will be freeze and thaw cycles. Of course, there are other situations where temperatures fluctuate, but you get the idea. Epoxy is a good choice when you need a cartridge glue that offers very good mechanical and physical strength. Tenax offers a variety of epoxy cartridge glue so you can reach for an effective product for the job at hand.


Domo 10 cartridge adhesives are an effective glue for use on a variety of projects and bonds nearly any kind of material. For example, it bonds one kind of material to another. This means bonding metal to stone can be done with Domo; fixing nails, anchoring pivots, anchor bolts, and tie beams. Additionally, Domo can be used on damp surfaces which makes it a great choice for when you will be bonding materials that have a bit of moisture on them. If you need an epoxy cartridge for bonding damp surfaces


Eliox is an indoor outdoor epoxy adhesive cartridge that offers very low yellowing (a characteristic is not a common feature of many epoxies). Eliox cartridges are also is low odor and low VOC and has low long term toxicity. Additionally, Eliox cartridge adhesives are food safe epoxies and thus are a good choice for a bonding adhesive if you are using it for an outdoor kitchen project.

Epoxy Plus

One of the great things about epoxies is that they can be formulated to cure at various rates. Because of this, Tenax can fine-tune the speed at which epoxies cure. That way, when there is a need for a shorter window of time, an epoxy can be created for that situation. Epoxy Plus is an ultrafast epoxy adhesive that is suitable for bonding a variety of materials. Even differing materials can be glued together using this epoxy cartridge. For example check out this table of materials that can be adhered using Epoxy plus cartridges:

Bonding Differing Materials With Epoxy Plus
Material 1 Material 2
Stone Ceramic
Stone Steel
Ceramic Steel
Marble Marble
Granite Marble

Epoxy Plus sets rapidly and the cartridge eliminates mixing mistakes. Epoxy plus, like the other cartridge systems is pre-dosed and read-to-use.

For more information on when to choose epoxy, check out the article entitled: Polyester or Epoxy - Which?

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Tenax Domo 10 Cartridge Part # 1RAA00BD90 Domo 10 Cartridge Glue

A bi-component cartridge stone glue that bonds to virtually any surface and creates a very strong bond that is one of the strongest in the stone industry.

Tenax USA Price: $32.24
Tenax Epoxy Plus Cartridge 210 ml Ultra-fast Epoxy Plus Cartridge Glue 210 ML

This two part epoxy cartridge glue is ultra-fast and mixes perfect since it is dispensed using a system that blends that two components as it is being extruded.

Tenax USA Price: $37.19
M200XMR Cartridge Gun M200XMR Cartridge Gun

Glue gun designed to work with several Tenax cartridges of many different mix ratios. This universal cartridge glue gun adapts to 1:1, 2:1, and 10:1 cartridges form Tenax.

Tenax USA Price: $110.00
Tenax Domo 21 Cartridge White Part # 1RAA008BD93W Domo 21 Cartridge 215 ML

A bi-component cartridge stone glue that bonds to virtually any surface and creates a very strong bond that is one of the strongest in the industry.