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Stone Enhancers

Stone Enhancers for Natural & Engineered Stone

Tenax provides a range of products designed to enhance natural and engineered stone surfaces. If you are interested in products that both seal and enhance the color of natural stone surfaces, you may want to check out natural stone color enhancers with sealer products or the enhancers with sealer for exotic natural stone products. This area is about a variety of products that are designed to enhance various kinds of stone in various ways; both natural and engineered. Some of the products in this area will have the ability to seal and some will not. Some will improve the appearance by enriching the color and some won't.

Reasons to Enhance Natural Stone Surfaces

As beautiful as granite is naturally, there are times when enhancements are needed to get a natural stone looking its best. Tenax offers a variety of products to enhance natural stone surfaces. Let's consider some briefly.

Hide Micro Fissures & Spider Webbing In Stone Slabs

One of the traits that cause natural stone slabs to need enhanced is micro fissures or "spider webbing". These very small lines in the stone can prevent a natural stone from looking its best. The lines are beneath the surface and are visible, but they cannot be felt with the finger tips. By using an enhancer designed to penetrate the stone and darken the sides of the fissures, you can enhance the look of the stone.

Slabs with these micro fissures or "spider webbing" can be improved by using a stone enhancer. Using a product like Pectro or Pectro black.

Enhancing Black Natural Stone

A particular type of natrual stone that really benefits from being enhanced is stone that is black. Why might a natural stone need to be enhanced? Sometimes stones sit in the slab yard long enough for the sun to fade the color just a bit. This color difference is not necessarily noticeable right off the bat. However, when the stone is enhanced, you can be certain that it is the full black that it is intended to be.

Tenax has produced two products designed specifically for enhancing black stone slabs. These color enhancers are Uniblack 1 and Uniblack 2. This two part system is designed for use in the following manner. First, perform the initial color enhancement using Uniblack 1. Thereafter, periodically apply Uniblack 2 to keep the stone looking its best.

Engineered Stone Color Enhancers

Engineered stone surfaces also can benefit from color enhancing products. There are a number of reasons that quartz surfaces benefit from a color enhancement product. Tenax offers a quartz color enhancer for use on engineered quartz surfaces. Quartz Toner Plus is formulated specifically for engineered stone surfaces.

Having a beautiful natural stone or engineered stone surface in the home might not be enough for your customer, you might need to add a bit of pizzazz to the already vivid color of the material. These Tenax products are designed to help you achieve this goal for your customers.

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