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Wet Look Concrete

Wet Look Concrete Sealer

If you are looking for a wet look concrete sealer you have come to the right place. Tenax offers virtually every kind of sealer that you may ever need for protecting, enhancing, and darkening a range of materials. In this article we will look at products that give the surface the appearance of being wet. If you are look for a concrete sealer that does not change the appearance of the stone, you may want to browse the full group of quality concrete sealers.

Concrete Sealer for A Wet Look

Concrete materials are seemingly everywhere around the home and there are numerous opportunities to give concrete surfaces that wet look. No matter where you have concrete and no matter what the finish you can enhance the look of it and seal it at the same time. Tenax sealers are formulated to seal concrete with or without a wet look. If you are looking for wet look concrete sealer there are a few options we will talk about.

This first product that we will mention is Tenax H2O Prowax concrete sealer. This is a protective polymer based wax that not only protects concrete surfaces to which it is applied, but also gives them a pleasant shine. This water based sealer works best over the top of two base coats of one of the other Tenax concrete products; Concrete Pro Shield or Concrete H2O Shield.

Using this system for sealing your concrete sidewalks, porches, patios, and driveways will give it water repellent qualities. Keeping water out also means preventing mold and other organic stain-causers such as moss and algae growth. At the same time, the surface will have that rich shine for a wet looking finish.

Darkening Concrete Pavers

Another kind of concrete product that really looks sharp when it is wet is concrete pavers. If you have ever seen pave stones just after a light rain, you'll notice that the colors appear much richer and deeper than they often do when they are dry. When we talk about darkening concrete pavers, we are really talking about a few tasks. Let's look at a couple of them now.

Enhancing Paver Patios

One use for concrete pavers is for patios. These stone surfaces are common in a number of areas. Using concrete pavers for patios is not the full extent of their use. Really any outdoor surface on the ground can be an ideal use for paver patio stones. These versatile stone products have been used for sidewalks, border edging of shrub beds, and even driveways. Darkening stone surfaces made with concrete pavers is an easy way to elevate the look of these practical, multi-use surfaces.

Darken Landscape Pavers & Wall Stones

Darkening patios and driveways made with pavers is one way to make use of our wet concrete sealers. But other hardscapes are constructed with these concrete stone products. Stackable wall stones trace the landscape of many homes. Walls for tree borders, short retaining walls, or other stone accent features around the home and office buildings are all opportunities for treating concrete stone with one or more of our enhancing sealers.

One particularly effective stone enhancing sealer that works on concrete pavers too is Ager Tiger. Using this product to darken and seal virtually all of your concrete stone surfaces is easy. The product is designed to enhance the colors and create a protective barrier on porous stone surfaces, including pavers.

In conclusion, there are several surfaces that you might find yourself needing to treat with a wet look concrete sealing product. Traditional concrete that is either smooth or textured, wall blocks that are used for decorative designed hardscapes, or paver patios and other surfaces. Whether it is new surface type or traditional, Tenax stone and concrete sealers offer just about every option you could imagine.