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Blades for Ultra Compact Surfaces

DEKTON Fabrication Blades

If you are fabricating extremely hard surfaces like porcelain and ceramic materials, you will want to check out our Tenax porcelain & ceramic bridge saw blades designed for cutting sintered materials. and if you are looking to cut quartz, you will need to head over to our quartz bridge saw blades section. However, you may also be looking for a bridge saw blade that is designed to cut DEKTON by Cosentino. This page will briefly describe our DEKTON blades.

Tenax DEKTON Blades

The DEKTON Ultra-compact surface is a tremendously hard surface that is designed to resist scratching and heat. Because of this, it is

DEKTON Blade Specifics

Our DEKTON blades are available in the following diameters:

Tenax DEKTON blades for ultra compact materials are specifically marketed towards cutting hard DEKTON ultra-compact materials. Try these diamond blades and see the results of our methodical research and development process.

  • Cosentino Approved Blades
  • Straight Cut Feed Rate: 600-1000mm per minute
  • Miter Cut Feed Rate: 350-800mm per minute
  • Diameters: 14", 16", 18"
  • Core Thickness: 2.3mm
  • RPM: 1500-2100 Depending on blade diameter and thickness of material.
* Tenax recommends entering and exiting the cut at a reduced speed. The reduction should be 40-50%. For 45° cutting, the suggested speed reduction is 40%.
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