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Matte & Polished Granite

Polished and Matte Granite Finishes

When it comes to working with granite surfaces, there are a number of finishes that are possible. However, in this article we will only discuss two of them. In this post, we are going to look at polished granite and matte granite (a.k.a. honed). This won't be a direct comparison. Rather, we will simply discuss some things to keep in mind regarding both of these finish types. Let's consider them now.

Matte Granite Is Not Dull In Appearance

The first finish that we will briefly look at is the Matte finish. If you have ever browsed various granite surfaces you have no doubt seen granite surfaces with a matte finish. It is a non glossy look that has no shine, or sheen. The visual appearance of matte-finished granite is "soft and subdued" when compared with the other granite finish we will discuss in just a bit. And even though matte granite is not as shiny as the other option, it still has very distinct advantages.

Well Suited For Floors

The low-sheen of matte granite makes it a great candidate for flooring. Why is that the case? Because glossy finishes are often times slick or slippery. Hence, honed granite finishes offer a better grip than their shiny counterparts. And even though matte finished granite can be used for countertops, it has distinct benefits when used as flooring.

Caring for Matte Granite Surfaces

Honed surfaces like matte granite need to have specific care and maintenance. For a number of reasons, these surfaces will require a fabricator to utilize specific products for working with them. For example many granite surfaces need to be sealed. Since honed granite has more of a porous nature, it needs to have its surface maintained using a sealer. This helps protect the material from staining and discolorations. When sealing granite that has a matte finish, be sure to use a matte granite sealer. It is important that you select this type because they are formulated as sealers for porous granite. And even though other types of granite sealer exist, a sealer designed for porous will be more compatible with a matte granite finish.

In addition to using a sealer to care for your granite's protection, you will also want to use a cleaner that is pH neutral. These kinds of cleaners are available and work well for virtually all types of natural and engineered stone. Our distributors offer 16 oz. granite cleaner and 32 oz. granite cleaner products for use on this and many other types of stone.

Overall, honed granite has a distinctive finish that is perfect for various uses. It also works very well when used in specific popular design styles. But matte finished granite is not the only look available. Let's now look at polished granite.

Glossy Look of Polished Granite

Matte granite finishes are perfect for some styles and tastes, but others prefer the look of polished granite. As you can imagine, polished granite also has specific characteristics that make it suitable for various applications as well. One popular use for polished granite surfaces is kitchen and bathroom countertops. Even other kinds of worktops are made with polished granite. What makes polished granite a good choice for these high traffic areas?

Polished Granite Is Less Porous

As we mentioned earlier, many kinds of granite require a sealer to protect them from staining and other forms of dirt and discoloration. Even though polished granite needs to be sealed too, it offers the benefit of having a less porous surface. This means that from the start, there will be more resistance to liquid absorption with a good quality granite that has been polished. So, does that mean polished granite does not need to be sealed? No. In fact, the less porous nature of granite that has been polished will benefit from the use of a sealer for polished granite.

Maintaining Polished Granite's Shine

For the most part caring for polished granite is just like taking care of honed granite. You can use pH neutral cleaners to clean polished countertops daily. There are even assorted stain removers that can correct any mishaps resulting from allowing a liquid too much time to work its way into the stone. However, the one area that polished granite will need attention is hinted at right in its name; polished. That's right, maintaining the shine (or polish) of a granite surface can be much easier if it's cared for regularly. Thus, our distributors can provide granite polish that works to maintain the stone's glossy appearance through periodic use.

In the end, granite finishes some many similar needs when it comes to care, maintenance, and protection. Yet, there are some finish-specific requirements that anyone working with this natural stone will want to be mindful of. Having the right products for each stone type and using them properly will ensure that matte granite and polished granite surfaces look there best.