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Silicone Polymer & Silicone Cartridge Adhesives

What do you think of when you imagine a silicone sealant? Perhaps you are looking for a traditional silicone sealant fill the joints and seams of two pieces of stone. They are able to be used on multiple materials such as glass, metal, plastic, concrete, chipboard, etc. These sealants are single component products that are fast and practical for a number of tasks. But what about a sealant that is applied like a traditional silicone and even appears to be a traditional silicone sealant, but acts also like bonding adhesive? Single component, easy to apply, and holds with a super grip. Well, no matter which of the two your are looking for, you will find them here.

Silicone Sealants

Are you after a quality silicone sealant that is easy to use and resistant to UV rays? Tenax SI Silicone is a mold resistant, odorless, non-toxic, solvent-free silicone sealant that does not shrink or crumble that needs no primer. If you are after a performant silicone white sealant or an transparent high quality silicone sealant, SI Silicone products fit the bill.

MS Super Grip Modified Silicone Polymer

But what if you are looking for a silicone sealant with a little more (or a lot more) grab? Well MS Super Grip products are what you want to reach for. For more information about this type of silicone, take a look at our article entitled Silicone Compared With MS Polymer. These Modified Silicone Polymer products from Tenax are single component cartridge products like regular silicone. Only they act also like adhesives too because they have been modified. These modified silicone polymers are effective for use in high moisture areas where you want the seal to not separate. If you need a silicone sealant that also has grip, then either of the white adhesive silicone or clear transparent silicone adhesive modified silicone polymers called super grip is what you want to check out. With around 400 psi of grip, these silicone polymers not only seal a gap, but they stick to it too.

Materials With Which Super Grip Modified Silicone Polymers Are Compatible
Ceramic Marble Granite
Agglomerates Glass Quartzite
Wood Onyx Foam Polystyrene
Plastic Pavers Landscape Blocks
Chipboard Metal Sandstone
Limestone Travertine Serpentine
Slate Soapstone Porcelain
Sintered Stone Alabaster Concrete
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Transparent Silicone Neutral Sealant 300 ML Transparent Silicone

Transparent silicone sealant to fill around sink, backsplash to countertop, and backsplash to wall seams to moisture protect.

Tenax USA Price: $9.68
Neutral/White Modified Silicone Adhesive White Super Grip MS Polymer

MS Super Grip White is a modified silicone sealant that also is an adhesive capable of a tensile strength of around 3 MPa (400 psi).

Tenax USA Price: $15.94
Transparent Modified Silicone Adhesive Clear Super Grip MS Polymer

MS Super Grip Transparent is a modified silicone that also is an adhesive capable of a tensile strength of around 3 MPa (400 psi).

Tenax USA Price: $15.94