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  • Does Hard Marble Exist?

    At times you may see the phrase "hard marble" when researching materials used for surfaces. Is there really a marble that is harder than the normal marble that is commonly used for interiors?

  • Marble Countertops

    In this article we take a brief look at marble countertops and various other information that applies to them including care and maintenance of marble.

  • Sealing Marble

    Sealing marble surfaces & choosing the best sealer for a given slab involves the finish on the stone. How often to seal a stone surface & how often is also considered.

  • Bonding Marble Surfaces

    When deciding on an adhesive product to bond marble it is advantageous to think about some specifics regarding the task at hand and the requirements for gluing marble
  • Marble Chip Repair

    See how filling chips in marble is a matter of having the proper tools and making use of them to restore a surface.