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Tenax Epoxy Glue Products

Looking for an epoxy that is completely transparent? How about the strongest epoxy on the market? Are you searching the Internet for a versatile epoxy that will bond a variety of surfaces? Answering yes to any of these questions, means that you have found the answer.

Product Variety

Tenax epoxies are specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of circumstances. Here, you will find strong epoxy products, indoor and outdoor epoxy and even clear epoxy products.

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Epoxy, Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Marble, Glue, Adhesive Eliox Part # 1RAA00BH15KIT Food Safe Kinfe Grade Glue Eliox Kit Part A & B

Extra clear bi-component epoxy cartridge glue approved for food contact that is suitable for natural and engineered stone.

Our Price: $112.27
Tenax Fixdeck PFIXDECKKIT2GAL Fixtop Deck 2 Gal Kit (1 gal A & 1 gal B)

A slow curing, super strong epoxy tile adhesive produced specifically for use as a deck adhesive. It is very smooth and works indoors and out.

Tenax Fixdeck Part B 1RFIXDECK20KGB Fixtop Deck 10 Gal Kit (5 gal A & 5 gal B)

This super strong, slow curing tile ahesive is an epoxy designed specifically to be used on tile decks where slow during glue is important.

Tenax Domo 21 Cartridge White Part # 1RAA008BD93W White Domo 21 Cartridge 215 ML

A bi-component cartridge stone glue that bonds to virtually any surface and creates a very strong bond that is one of the strongest in the industry.

Tenax Rivo 15 Part A & B 1+1 Liter Part # 1RJAOOBG50 Rivo 15 A & B 1 Liter

Two part knife grade epoxy adhesive that is designed for all types of stone and is one of the strongest. It bonds to nearly any surface and is permanent.

Our Price: $49.11
Tenax Fixtop Epoxy Setting Adhesive 2 Gallon Kit (1 A + 1 B) 1RFIXTTOP2GALKIT Fixtop 2 Gal Kit (1 gal A & 1 gal B)

A true 100% two-part epoxy glue, not water based, and is very easy to mix and spread. Use for bonding stone, hardwood, cement board, laminate and plywood.

Tenax Fixtop Epoxy Setting Adhesive Part # 1RFIXTTOP10GALKIT Fixtop 10 Gal Kit (5 gal A & 5 gal B)

Two part true epoxy that is not water based and is easily mixed and spread that is suitable for gluing all sorts of natural and emgineered materials.

Tenax Strong Edge 45 1.5 Quart Set Part # 1RFSTRONGEDGE1.5KG45 StrongEdge 45 Knife Grade

This knife grade adhesive is a clear epoxy that is the strongest clear knife grade epoxy made for fabrication and lamination and won't delaminate.

Part # SS-OPT-HTR Tenax EZ STICKY STUFF Optional Heater for DISPENSER EZ Sticky Stuff Dispenser Heater

A StrongEdge and StrongEdge Express component mixing device that dispenses a proper mix of both parts; keeps the adhesive temperature regulated for results.

Part # SS-ADJ Tenax EZ STICKY STUFF StrongEdge DISPENSER Without Heater EZ Sticky Stuff Dispenser - No Heater

This adhesive dispenser is designed for mixing StrongEdge and StrongEdge Express precisely to esure that the adhesive has the best possible proportions to cure.

Tenax StrongEdge EXPRESS Gal Set- 5 Gallon Set-2 A, 1B Part # 1RFSTRONGEDGE20KGSET StrongEdge Express 5G

This VOC compliant, strong, clear epoxy is specifically designed for fabrication and lamination. Once applied, stone will not break at glue point.

Tenax StrongEdge EXPRESS Gal Set- 2 Gal A, 1 Gal B Part # 1RFSTRONGEDGE3GLEX StrongEdge Express 3G

The strongest clear epoxy specifically designed for fabrication and lamination, so strong the stone or substrate will not break at the glue point.

Part # 1RKA00BG50 Tenax Epoxy Gel Tenax Epoxy Gel

Our Price: $46.11
Part # 1RHA00BG70 Tenax Rivo 50 Fast Epoxy 17 Liter Tenax Rivo 50 Fast Epoxy 17 Liter

Knife grade epoxy adhesive made for all types of stone and is one of the strongest in the stone industry. Rivo 50 is suitable in a variety of temperatures.

Our Price: $379.50
Tenax Rivo 50 A & B Fast Epoxy 1+1 Liter Part # 1RHA00BG50 Rivo 50 A & B 1 Liter

One of the strongest epoxies in all of the stone industry, Rivo 50 is deliberately designed for use on all sorts of stone and bonds to almost any surface.

Our Price: $49.11
Tenax StrongEdge EXPRESS 1.5 Quart Set Part # 1RFSTRONGEDGE15KGBEST StrongEdge Express

Designed for stone fabrication and lamination, StrongEdge Express boned stone doesn't delaminate or break at the area to which it was applied.

Tenax Micto A & B Fast Transparent Epoxy 1+1 Liter Part # 1RFA00HE50 Micto Fast Transparent Epoxy

If you are looking for a super fast curing two part epoxy that has medium viscosity consistency and is extremely strong, Micto Fast transparent is a good option.

Our Price: $136.38
Tenax Epoxy Plus Cartridge 210 ml Ultra-fast Epoxy Plus Cartridge Glue 210 ML

This two part epoxy cartridge glue is ultra-fast and mixes perfect since it is dispensed using a system that blends that two components as it is being extruded.

Our Price: $37.19
Tenax Domo 10 4 Liter Part # 1RAA00BG60 Polished Surface Adhesive Domo 10 4 Liter

This two part epoxy is a knife grade glue that is designed for all types of stone material and is on of the strongest epoxies in the industry. Bonds to almost anything.

Tenax Domo 10 1 Liter Part # 1RAA00BG50 Damp Surface Glue Domo 10 1+1 Liter

Two part knife grade epoxy designed for bonding all types of stone and is one of the strongest epoxies in the stone industry. It will bond to polished surfaces.

Our Price: $69.43