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Sink Clip & Rodding Adhesives

Stone Rodding Glue and Sink Clip Adhesives

Stone fabrication involves a number of tasks that require adhesives. Installing sinks is one of those tasks. It is recommended that stone professionals strengthen the stone around the sink hole using rodding techniques. Additionally, attaching an undermount sink requires a method for fastening the sink to the countertop. Both of these tasks make use of strong adhesives.

Stone Rodding Structural Bonding Adhesive

Rodding stone material to strengthen it takes an adhesive like TeRod Cartridge Glue. The cartridge means no mess, less waste and the speed increases productivity since there is no mixing required. Combine those benefits with the fact that it is a structural bonding adhesive and you have good reason to consider this glue for your rodding tasks.

TeRod is a 2 part methacrylate, structural bonding rodding adhesive for use with all sorts of rodding including:

  • Fiberglass Rodding
  • Steel Rodding
  • Carbon Fiber Rodding

TeRod has a working time of 3-6 minutes, so it is made for making quick work of the task of rodding and other sink related bonding.

Dripless Sink Clip Adhesive

Sink clip adhesive is another type of glue that is a must when installing sinks. If the sink being installed is to be mounted under the surface, there need to be a way to fasten it to the countertop. Sink clips are the answer. ClipBoss sink clip adhesive is also a 2 part methacrylate bonding adhesive like the one mentioned above. It has a working time of 4-8 minutes so you have time to get everything just right before it is too late. Additionally, this strong sink clip cartridge adhesive is formulated so that it won't drip when being applied in an upward angle. Dripless clip adhesive makes the install process nicer and less of a challenge.

Both of these adhesives are compatible with several materials, some of these are as follows:

Clip & Rodding Adhesive Material Compatibility
Material TeRod Material TeRod
Granite Marble
Quartz Limestone
Quartzite Slate
Engineered Stone Sandstone
Onyx Travertine
Sintered Stone Soapstone
Porcelain Concrete
Acrylic Solid Surface Polyester Solid Surface
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Tenax TeRod Adhesive Cartridge 400 ML TeRod Cartridge Glue 400 Ml

Use this structural bonding adhesive to encase steel and fiberglass rodding in stone channels to strengthen the material.

Tenax USA Price: $29.35
400 ml 1:1 mix Cartridge Gun, Cartridge Gun 400ml 1:1 Mix Ratio Part # GUN40011 1:1 Cartridge Gun for 400 ml Rodding Adhesive

This cartridge gun is designed for use with 400 ML 1:1 2 part adhesives like the ClipBoss and TeRod strong adhesive products.

Tenax USA Price: $78.40