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Silicone Compared With MS Polymer

Deciding which product is right for a given project may seem as easy as choosing anything that will do the trick and find the one that has the best price. But is that really the best approach? After all, why are there several models of automobiles? When you go into a hardware store to buy tape, which one do you choose? Better yet, why do you choose the one you select?

It is easy to understand the reason when the context is a product that is simple to understand. However, when the product is a chemical that most people simply do not interact with on a daily basis, the comparisons can be somewhat harder to grasp. In this article, rather than delving into the science of how silicone compares with MS Polymer, we will simply focus on the differences in use and performance. We will also touch on why MS Polymer adhesives make a good choice in certain circumstances.

Silicone Properties

Silicone is a group of polymers used in several industries for a number of purposes. Having outstanding traits that are appealing for specific applications, silicone is found to be effective for applications where flexibility and weather resistance are important. Furthermore, silicone is also resistant to many chemicals, and because of this and the reasons just mentioned, they are found across several industries and used for various tasks therein.

Sticking to Many Subjects

Yes, silicone sealant is not only effective in certain environments and for various tasks, but it also sticks to many other types of materials. Good adhesion to a diverse line up of substrate materials makes silicone products very appealing because it contributes to their diverse uses.

MS (Modified Silicone) Polymers

As effective, performant, and adaptive as silicone products are, they can be "altered" so-to-speak to be even better. How so? Well, like we mentioned earlier, we are not doing a deep dive into the science of these products. But the gist of it is this, MS Polymers are modified silicone products. Thus, they are similar to traditional silicone, but the performance has been "tuned" in the sense that the properties are adjusted through the chemistry to heighten the performance.

To illustrate, many people might not think of changing a GT1000, an Aston Martin, Ferrari, or a Lamborghini. However, supercars do get modified to heighten specific functionality or appearance, or both. Why? Because there are cases where the owner (or designer) feels there is a need for an alteration. Likewise, there are times when applications or projects may call for silicone to have extraordinary properties. Enter, MS Polymers.

What Are MS Polymers

MS Polymers are Silicone-like adhesive sealants that are useful for many applications on a variety of materials. Some of these include:

  • Metal
  • Sandstone
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Granite
  • Wood
  • Quartzite
  • Ceramics
  • Marble
  • Agglomerates
  • Chipboard
  • Foam Polystyrene
  • Limestone
  • Plastic

Yes, MS Polymers are a lot like the modified vehicles in the illustrative scenario mentioned above. They are Silicone sealants that have been "modified" and are effective adhesives. This means that they look and act like silicone, but have more stick. Therefore, a good way to describe them is as " super gripping modified silicone polymers".

Properties of Modified Silicone Polymers

The properties of MS Polymers are appealing and bring benefits for a number of applications. Let's look at some of these.

Easily Dispensed

The viscosity of modified silicone polymers is such that they are easily dispensed. As a result, tasks can be performed quickly and accurately when the proper equipment is used and the adhesive is applied properly.

Fast Adhesion That is Durable

Another trait of MS polymers is that they are fast curing. This property also contributes to the speed a task requiring sealant may be performed. Additionally, the resultant seal and bond is durable.

Good Flexibility

One trait that makes silicone a great sealant is that it is able to flex with bumps or jarring. MS polymers have this same feature but with a stronger bond than traditional silicone. Other adhesive products are more rigid and become less flexible when jarred or bumped after curing.

Compatible With Many Materials

MS Polymers are like traditional silicone in another way. They are able to be used on several materials. This makes them a great option for sealing materials in several industries as mentioned earlier. MS Polymer will not "attack" metal and is non-corrosive. This is great for creating a sealed bond on metal surfaces.

One Component, Less Waste

Everyone has done it at one time or another. While mixing multipart adhesives, the mix ratio is incorrect for one reason or another and the resulting adhesive is unable to be used. With MS Polymer, you get the benefit of an adhesive without the risk of have the waste that results from the aforementioned error.

Temperate Solution

For an adhesive sealant to be effective for outdoor applications it must be able endure the range of temperatures to which it will be exposed. Fist, dispensing it outdoors could be challenging if it didn't react with the ambient conditions effectively. Second, once it cures, it must be able to expand and contract to the degree necessary for the environment in which it remains. MS Polymers do this because of their silicone-like nature.

Less Prep-work

The temptation to use an epoxy adhesive without primer is one that results in several side-effects that are undesirable. MS Polymers require no primer and making the application simple.

Safer Than Other Products

Adhesive silicone that does not have isocyanates is safer than products that do have these chemicals. Isocyanates are a family of chemicals that are highly reactive and have a low molecular weight. However, they also act as powerful irritants to mucosul membranes in humans.

As we have seen in this article, silicone is an effective solution when you are in need of an indoor/outdoor sealant. Silicone offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and performance for sealing all sorts of material. And if you are in need of an indoor/outdoor sealant that also has great bonding performance, then you may just want to reach for an MS Polymer like Super Grip.

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