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Tenax is always creating products for the stone industry that are designed to make the work you do more effective, practical, and higher quality.

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Stain Rescue Remover, Extraclean Pro Vacuum Cup Ring Remover 1MPC00BG40 Stain Rescue Remover 250 ML

250 ML container of cleaner formulated for removing the rings left from suction cups attached to slab handling and moving equipment used during the production process of engineered quartz.

Tenax USA Price: $17.08
Booster Alk Easy Tenax Bravo! Quartz Stain Remover Booster Alk Easy

Use this quartz stain fighting solution undiluted and spray it directly on the quartz surface to remove fingerprints, organic stains, general wax residue, and food stains like wine and coffee.

Tenax USA Price: $14.95
Quartz Water Stain Remover & Lime Descaling Agent Booster Acid Extra Strong Concentrated 1 Quart

A cleaner and descaling detergent that is effective on limescale and mineral deposits on engineered stone and quartz surfaces whether glossy, polished, or brushed. Use at various dilution levels.

Tenax USA Price: $19.09
1, Ager FS,  Tenax Quartz Toner Stone Color Plus Enhancer Part # 1MPA00BG501Q Ager FS Stone Color Enhancer-Food Safe Certified 1 Qt

A multi-finish compatible surface treatment that can be used on a variety of engineered stone surfaces to enhance the color of the stone.

Tenax USA Price: $85.06
Tenax Titanium Vinyl Ester Flowing 1 Liter #1AAA00BM01 1 Liter Titanium Flowing Adhesive

Developed with the latest vinyl ester technology, Titanium is ideal for many applications on several materials and does not darken after cure; superb on white.

Tenax USA Price: $23.45
Tepox Q Color Match System - Esmeralda 250 ml Esmeralda 250 ML Tepox Q Color Match System

Esmeralda 250 ML is used to enhance the appearance of stone that has been resined with color additives or otherwise enhance or alter the look of a stone and may be mixed with other colors.

Tenax USA Price: $22.05
Tepox Q Color Match System - Maple Brown 1 Liter Maple Brown 1 Liter Tepox Q Color Match System

1 Liter Maple Brown is Tepox Q indoor/outdoor stone coloring dye used alone or with other colors of the product to either enhance a stone slab's color or treat a slab that has been resined.

Tenax USA Price: $78.55
Skudo Universal Plus Food Safe Stone Sealer 1 Liter Skudo Stone Sealer-Water Base 1 Quart

Skudo is a Natural Effect food safe stone sealer that provides excellent oil and water stain resistance to natural stone material and doe not alter the breathe-ability of the stone.

Tenax USA Price: $45.20
5 in. Dry Cut Dekton and Ceramic Porcelain diamond blade 5" Dry Cut Dekton & Ceramic Blade

5 inch chip-free, fast cutting, fabrication diamond blade designed to cut sintered stone, ceramics and porcelain tiles effectively and with precision for great results.

Tenax USA Price: $82.90
16" Dekton Bridge Saw Blade, 16" Dekton Bridgesaw Blade 16" Dekton Bridge Saw Blade

This diamond blade is approved by Cosentino for cutting Dekton slabs and is designed for cutting these materials effectively for straight and miter cuts.

Tenax USA Price: $356.35
Tenax 14" Ceramic/Porcelain Blade 14" Ceramic/Porcelain Blade

14 inch diamond bridge saw blade designed for cutting very hard materials. This blade is engineered specifically for cutting ceramic and porcelain materials cleanly and effectively.

Tenax USA Price: $259.05
Tenax 16" 45 Degree Miter Blade 16" 45 Degree Miter Blade

45 degree cutting blade measuring 16 inches in diameter engineered specifically for making miter cuts on sintered materials such as porcelain tiles in the fabrication industry.

Tenax USA Price: $587.18
Tenax 16" XXL Slab Blade 16" XXL Slab Diamond Blade

Extra large slab cutting diamond bridge saw blade designed for working on large format tiles, slabs, etc made from sintered materials such as porceailn used for facades and floors.

Tenax USA Price: $476.65
Tenax Titanium, Vinyl Ester, Marble Glue, Quartz Glue, 2 lb Quart Quart Titanium Extra Clear Knife Grade

This latest generation of vinyl-ester formula adhesive is a virtually completely transparent adhesive with excellent adhesion and a very fast cure time of about 15 minutes.

Tenax USA Price: $23.45
Tenax 16" Quartz Blade 16" Quartz Blade

16 inch long lasting diamond blade for use on bridge saws and other equipment used for cutting engineered quartz surfaces that make up countertops and flooring projects.

Tenax USA Price: $355.76
Tenax Cement Remover 1 Liter 1 Liter Cement Remover Descaling Agent

This cleaning solution is formulated for general purpose cleaning and removes a number of substances including rust, traces of paint, mineral deposits, and cement residue. It also degreases.

Tenax USA Price: $15.00
18" Dekton Bridge Saw Blade, 18" Dekton Bridgesaw Blade 18" Dekton Bridge Saw Blade

18 inch diamond blade is approved by Cosentino for cutting Dekton slabs and is designed for cutting these materials effectively for straight and miter cuts.

Booster Strong Alkaline Detergent & Stain Remover 1 Liter Booster Alkaline Detergent

A cleaning solution designed for effectively cleaning and removing stains from porcelain hard surfaces and is used for a variety of stain types such as organic dirt, rubber, and waxes.

Tenax USA Price: $17.99