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Natural Stone - Granite

One of the most well know natural stone materials available for use in the home for hard surfaces is granite. Natural granite is used for virtually all kinds of surfaces in the home from fireplaces to countertops and bath surrounds.

This section of the website covers various aspects of granite natural stone surfaces and how to fabricate projects using this rustic material. Additionally, there is information about how to clean the stone and what you can do to care for and maintain granite.

  • Colors of Granite

    It is not always easy to determine the color of a granite slab by simply reading the name. Some granite is one color but projects the look of another color altogether. This page lists granite in color groups.

  • Popular Granites

    What gave granite its popularity? When did this natural stone begin to thrive? is the material still among the most sought after? In this article we take a look at the answers to those questions.

  • Granite Countertops

    Professionals recognize that granite countertops are a feature that not a few home buyers require of a property they intend on purchasing. This page is dedicated to discussing information as it relates to granite countertops.

  • Granite Sealer Types

    When seeking a countertop sealer for use when installing granite, it can be a challenge. In this article we look at various aspects of sealing granite and explore some good choices when it comes to granite sealer options.

  • What Is Exotic Granite

    You will no doubt see the terms 'granite' and 'exotic granite' used. If you are interested in what exotic granite is and how it differs from traditional granite, we cover it here.

  • Polished & Honed

    Find out about polished and honed granite surfaces as well as the common care needs and the distinct care requirements of each of these types of granite finishes.

  • Seal Granite How Often

    Sealing granite countertops and surfaces requires treating the surface of the stone regularly with the proper kind(s) of sealers and cleaning habits play a role too.

  • Bonding Granite Surfaces

    Bonding materials takes some thought before diving into a specific task or project this article covers not only the considerations for a project that includes bonding granite but also why.
  • Granite Chip Repair

    Learn how to go about repairing a granite surface that has a chip in it and what is needed to fix these issues in granite.