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Colored Polyester Knife Grade

Knife Grade Colored Polyester Adhesives

Everything from travertine to engineered stone. Tenax polyester knife grade colored adhesives are formulated to work with a variety of materials in vertical or horizontal applications. These base colors can be used directly or can be tinted using coloring pigments to match the stone's unique color. The three base colors are black, buff, and white. Tenax Knife Grade Colored Adhesives are available in more then one size container. Polyester adhesives are known for their ease of use and effective cost. Polyesters are a suitable choice for a number of projects. For more information you can check our article on when to choose epoxy and when to choose polyester.

Kinife Grade Colored Polyester Available Sizes
1 Liter Black Knife Grade 1 Liter Buff Knife Grade 4 Liter Buff Knife Grade
1 Liter White Knife Grade 4 Liter White Knife Grade
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