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How to Remove Stains From Natural Stone

One of the common occurrences that comes up with regard to natural stone surfaces is stain removal. It is easy to begin thinking that stains in natural stone materials are not that big of a deal. Yet, the type of stone with the stain, and the kind of stain itself both play a role in the product you use. These factors also impact the way you go about removing the stone. In this article we will discuss briefly not only the general guidelines for stain removal, but also some specific things of which to take note. Additionally, we will offer a simple list of cleaning dos and don'ts that you can use as a reference. So let's get into our discussion of how to remove stains from natural stone.

General Stain Removal Process

As is the case with many other tasks, removing stains from natural stone has a general procedure to follow. Using this basic format, it is possible to remove a stain from a variety stone surfaces. Because the overall procedure is a guideline and not given for any specific stone type, we will only cover the general outline of steps. Then, afterward, we will mention a specific resource that might assist you if you are working with a specific stone type.

The general steps for removing a stain from natural stone are as follows:

  1. Make sure the surface of the stone is free of any loose debris.
  2. Blot up any liquids that may be on the surface of the stone. (Be sure not to wipe spills since this will spread it.)
  3. Apply only mild soap and plain water to the area to clean the surface of the stain; rinsing several times.
  4. Using a soft cloth, dry the area thoroughly.
  5. Inspect the area that was stained and if needed, repeat the above steps.
  6. If the above steps fail to remove the stain, one of several other techniques may need to be used.
  7. For some stains and for problems too difficult to treat, a stone care professional may be needed.

Stain Removal Techniques Beyond the General Guide

Stains come in a variety of types and each one may need to be treated using a specific product, technique, or both. For situations like this, we recommend reading our stain identification and removal document. It has a number of specific points that will likely prove to be helpful.

Dos and Don'ts of Cleaning

When you have a stain that needs to be removed from a surface there are some things that should be done, and there are some things that should not be done. The following info graphic offers some of the important dos and don'ts that should always be followed.

Cleaning Dos and Don'ts