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Fabricating Stone

Various aspect of working with natural and engineered stone materials are embodied in the stone fabrication process. In this section of the site, we will catalog information that discusses, considers and explains many different aspects of the fabrication process. Additionally, you may find installation related information and diamond tooling or bridge saw blade resources in this area as well.

  • Are Showrooms Beneficial?

    In this article we explore some of the benefits that are obtainable by offering some version of a showroom to your customers and why the concept of having a showroom is worth considering as an investment and not as an expense.

  • Challenge of Sealing Quartzite

    Dealing natural stone surfaces involves some very specific practices and each type of natural stone has some things about it that fabricators and home owners alike want to keep in mind.

  • Efflorescence on Stone Materials

    Efflorescence on stone materials can be a persistent problem for property owners and construction experts. Understanding the causes of efflorescence is essential to effectively address and prevent its recurrence. Learn more about efflorescence on stone materials and discover practical solutions in our comprehensive guide.

  • Efflorescence Prevention

    Discover effective efflorescence prevention techniques to safeguard your stone surfaces. Learn how proper installation practices such as drainage management, joint preparation, grouting, curing, and sealant application can prolong durability and enhance aesthetic appeal.

  • Extraordinary Countertops

    In this article we look at a few techniques for making already unique natural stone surfaces even more unique by applying some specific techniques to enhance the appearance of the slab.

  • Granite Epoxy Mishaps

    In this article we explore some of the benefits that are obtainable by offering some version of a showroom to your customers and why the concept of having a showroom is worth considering as an investment and not as an expense.

  • Knowing Your Stone's Type

    Knowing the type of stone being worked, maintained, or cared for helps with the task being performed whether it is cleaning, maintaining, or fabricating a surface for use in businesses or homes. See how.

  • Pre-sealer Considerations

    What are some of the factors to keep in mind when deciding on whether to seal a stone surface? Since not all slabs are identical it is good to know what to give consideration to prior to sealing.

  • Universal Stone Products

    When it comes to working with equipment, materials, surfaces, and other stone fabrication products some items are specific and others work with groups and are known as universals.

  • Assessing Natural Stone

    Stone assessment considerations and why making stone assessments help in the way of stone care and maintenance.

  • Polishing Stone

    Take a look at the various ways that stone is polished and how it gets the different polishing treatments throughout its lifetime by fabrication shops, restoration professionals, and even homeowners.

  • Edge Lamination Techniques

    Lamination techniques play an important role in the fabrication process. This article considers some of the edge lamination techniques used in the industry.

  • Hiding Marble Seams

    When working on how to hide seams when bonding marble there are three specific things that you can do to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Repairing Granite

    Among the choices that shoppers make regarding which stone to use, is good old granite. And there are good reasons why granite is sleected by many.

  • Sticky Mistakes

    Whether you are new to the industry or are a seasoned professional, there are some simple tips to keep in mind when considering adhesives.

  • Strong Fabrication Adhesives

    What are the key factors to consider when choosing a glue to use for your fabrication project? Find out the answer here and see what to look at.

  • Antiquing Granite

    A look at some reasons why consumers select a leathered (or antiqued) finish for their natural granite surfaces and how fabricators can achieve this unique finish.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Glue

    Various factors play a role in the effectiveness of an adhesive, no matter what the material. One key element is the environment and aspects thereof.

  • Diamond Blade Basics

    The components of a given blade play a role in the performance and the wear & tear that the blade can take. Knowing some of the basics about diamond blades can help you decide which blade to choose.

  • Helpful Stone Testing

    natural stone is available in a variety of types, each with specific properties that affect how it needs to be cared for and worked. This article talks about test help to identify stone characteristics.

  • Reinforcing Stone Slabs

    There are four techniques used for reinforcing countertop surfaces and in this article we take a look all four of them.

  • Rodding Countertops

    any professionals make use of rodding stone countertops for a variety of specific reasons. In this article we will look at why this practice is used when fabricating natural stone kitchen countertops.

  • Best Diamond Blades

    Finding the best diamond saw blade might be a bit more involved than many realize since requirements for various materials differ from one surface to the next and each blade must be designed for the surface.

  • Razor Blades

    Razor blades are so handy that you just can't avoid using them, yet they can become a source of more work. The simple tips in this article can help prevent some issues stemming from razor blades.

  • Best Granite Sealer

    Choosing the best granite sealer goes beyond seeking the lowest priced product. It even goes further than just determining the one that has the most value and in this article we look at some of the best granite sealers.