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Best Stone Sealer

What Stone Sealer Is the Best?

It is a question that gets asked repeatedly; and not just for stone sealer. Trying to find the "best" of something is a task that anyone using a product and seeking to invest in it will eventually begin looking for. As a result, we thought it would be good to write an article explaining the answers to the question, "What is the best stone sealer?" As you read through this article note many different ways that question is answered and what kind of details are factored into any given answer.

Determining Which Sealer Is the Best

Making the determination of which stone sealer is the best will require the consideration of many factors. Why is that? The main reason is that every situation is very unique and there is not one sealer that is the best stone sealer for every situation. This means that some variables will factor into your decision as to what sealer to use. Let's examine some things to consider when you are selecting a stone sealer.

The Best Type of Sealer

One of the basic things to know and understand when you begin looking for the best stone sealer is that there are different kinds of sealers. There are topical sealers and there are impregnating sealers. Each of them has their advantages. However, they also have disadvantages.

If you choose a topical sealer for your natural stone surface, you will need to be aware that when it comes time to "reseal" the surface you might to need to strip the coating off and then reseal. Additionally, not all topical sealers are strip-able. Some sealers that coat the surface are actually permanent and cannot be removed. So, if you are looking for a topical stone sealer, this would no doubt be something to consider.

On the other hand, if you are looking to use an impregnator, you will want to be sure it is compatible with the kind of stone that you are going to reseal. Different impregnating sealers are best suited for various kinds of stone. Additionally, there are impregnating sealers that repel water-based contaminants and there are impregnators that repel water-based and oil-based substances. Your choice will no doubt be influenced by the type of repellent you need for your situation.

Best Sealer for Stone Types

Each product that seals a surface is designed to be compatible with certain substances. So the type of stone surface you are sealing is going to contribute to the answer of which stone sealer is the best. There are sealers that are made for natural stone and there are sealers that are formulated to work on engineered stone materials. Which material you need the sealer to work on will influence your decision by narrowing the field of options. So be sure you know what kind of stone surface you are sealing before you choose a sealer for it.

Best Enhancing Sealer

Some sealers are designed not only to seal the stone, but also enhance the stone's appearance too. These enhancers either make the color more vivid or they make the color stand out as being deeper and richer. Sealers that enhance the appearance of the stone are available for various uses and types of enhancement. In fact, products exist for both uses enhancing natural and engineered stone.

Natural Stone Enhancing Sealer

One example of an enhancing sealer for natural stone is Tenax Ager. Ager is a premium stone sealer and enhancer that makes a natural stone surface appear as though it is wet. This is an example of an enhancing sealer that is designed for natural stone.

Engineered Stone Enhancement

If you're looking for the best stone sealer and you are working with engineered stone or quartz, your consideration will include one of the products that is designed for enhancing engineered surfaces.

No matter whether you are working to enhance and seal a natural stone material or an engineered quartz surface you will need to consider if your sealer needs to have stone enhancing ability.

Best Outdoor Stone Sealer

In addition to the stone type, the sealers type and whether you want to enhance the appearance of the stone, you will need to consider what environment the stone is in. Some sealers work the best indoors while other work better for outdoor use. You might be tempted to simply skim this part of the consideration process and go directly to the sealer that will work outside. Yet, is is important to consider all of the factors that go into finding the best stone sealer.

Does the Sealer Need to Be Food Safe?

If the sealer is going to be used to protect a surface that will be used for food, then it is important to choose a stone sealer that is food safe. Not all sealers are inherently food safe. So this is a factor in determining whether a specific stone sealer is the best one for your project.

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