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Marble Bridge Saw Blades

Marbls is one of nature's most elegant and timeless materials. When fabricating this beautiful material though, having a diamond bridge saw blade that is designed to work well with this kind of stone is a key to getting great performance. Tenax USA offers a line of bridge saw badles and other diamond blades designed to cut various countertop materials. Here though, we will briefly mention marble bridge saw blades.

Cutting Different Kinds of Marble

When it comes to cutting marble, you will find there are a number of marble types available from all parts of the world. In fact, you can find marble on many of the continents of the earth. Note the table that is found on Wikipedia.org. Here is the table showing the various marbles that can be found:

Marble Color Location Country
Pentelic marble pure-white, fine-grained semitranslucent Mount Pentelicus (Πεντελικό όρος), Attica (Ἀττική) Greece
Creole marble white and blue/black Pickens County, Georgia United States
Etowah marble pink, salmon, rose Pickens County, Georgia United States
Makrana marble white Makrana, Nagaur district,Rajasthan India
Murphy marble white Pickens and Gilmer Counties, Georgia United States
Nero Marquina marble black Markina, Spain Spain
Parian marble pure-white, fine-grained Island of Paros (Πάρος), South Aegean (Νοτίου Αιγαίου) Greece
Carrara marble white or blue-gray Carrara, Tuscany Italy
Ruskeala marble white near Ruskeala (Рускеала), Karelia (Карелия) Russia
Rușchița marble white, pinkish, reddish Poiana Ruscă Mountains, Caraș-Severin County Romania
Bianco Sivec white near Prilep (Прилеп), Pelagonia (Пелагониски) North Macedonia
Swedish green marble green near Kolmården, Södermanland Sweden
Sylacauga marble white Talladega County, Alabama United States
Vermont marble white Proctor, Vermont United States
Yule marble uniform pure white near Marble, Colorado United States
Wunsiedel marble white Wunsiedel, Bavaria Germany

As you can see from the above quoted table, there are many marble origins. Why is marble found in so many locations? The answer lies in how the natural stone is formed.

Marble Formation Affects Cutting

Like other stone types marble is formed in a unique manner. And its formation process affects the resulting material. Let's look at the composition of marble and then we'll cut to the chase and talk about how this relates to cutting marble.

When you use a diamond blade to saw through marble you notice that there are multiple colors. First, you have the dominant color (often times white) and then you will see other colors in the cut marble stone. The other color(s) you see are due to mineral impurities in the marble. Some of these include:

  • Clay
  • Iron Oxides
  • Chert
  • Silt
  • Serpentine

So if these are impurities what is the main part of marble? The primary component of marble is metamorphosed limestone or dolomite protolith. Since this is not a science lesson, we will leave it at that. What this all amounts to when we cut it down to its basics is this; marble is a soft stone.

Blades for Cutting Marble

Just because a stone is soft does not mean that any old blade will work. The material you cut will have an impact on the blade. Some good points that might help can be found in our article: Diamond Blade Basics. In short though, cutting soft materials take specific parameters too. For example, if the blade you use to cut marble is designed for a harder material like blades for cutting porcelain or another hard material like quartz, you might have problems. Without going into a great amount of detail, marble and other blades can clog up a blade not designed for cutting soft stone. Note what one professional has to say about this in this forum post.

The main point is this: Choosing the proper blade for cutting marble is just as important as getting the correct blade for any other stone material. That is why there are blades designed for virtually all kinds of stone materials. Tenax offers diamond blades that are designed for cutting marble and are available in a couple of sizes for use with bridge saws.

Below you will find the marble bridge saw blades that we offer. They are available in more than one size.

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Marble Bridge Saw Blade 16" Marble Blade

16 inch diamond bridge saw blade for cutting natural marble slabs used in the fabrication industry for all sorts of applications including flooring, tiles, and even counters.

18 Inch Marble Diamond Bridge Saw Blade 18" Marble Blade

18 inch marble bridge saw blade for cutting natural marble used in the fabrication, repairing, finishing, and otherwise working with calcareous natural stone that is soft.